Leadership Spotlight: Andres Gutierrez

The Leadership Spotlight continues this week with Andres Gutierrez. A successful entrepreneur and small-business owner, Andres Gutierrez knows what it’s like to start with nothing and build lasting wealth.

After hosting a popular San Antonio financial radio program and appearing regularly as a financial expert on the Telemundo television network, Andres has joined Dave Ramsey’s team to bring the message of Financial Peace to Spanish-speaking Americans.

Known for his passionate, entertaining and high-energy presentations, Andres is on a mission to transform the American Hispanic community – one family at a time! Andres lives in Nashville, Tennessee with his wife and three children.

CLo: What is your role in leadership?

AG: A leader should guide and keep the team focused on the target.  As a leader I have to keep that mission, the vision, the dream vibrant to the team where they are choosing to be part of this crusade vs just working here. It’s much easier and fun to use your energy to paint a picture of the future than having to carry and push your team. I also believe that the leader should provide clarity on the priority of items to accomplish.

CLo: What is the best advice you’ve ever received about leadership?

AG: Treat people as you would like to be treated.  We put thought to everything of how people were treated when they came to our business.  Of course we checked how the phone was answered, the tone of the emails, we even walked through the office to see how it felt.

CLo: What is the biggest challenge facing leaders today?

AG: Finding the right players is the biggest challenge. You can hear this over and over but until you hire somebody that has that same fire that you have, your business is running at 50% efficiency. No matter how busy you are, keep interviewing and until you find that next special person. I promise that as challenging as it sounds to find the needle in the haystack, it becomes easier because your team will protect their environment and recommend other high quality people.

CLo: How do you continue to improve yourself as a leader?

AG: I was exposed to a leadership way of thinking by reading, but what helped me to change was giving authority to people I loved and respect, to tell me the good and the bad.  I am always looking for the constructive criticism, I ask for it. I don’t just ask other leaders or people of influence that I respect, I asked the person answering the phone and making the copies.  I stop guessing what I thought the business needed or the team and I started asking. When you have a team you trust they will tell you how to improve.

CLo: How do you invest in others?

AG: I invest in others by giving them a sincere friendship which has to include what I believe is the only meaningful investment, time.  It was standard practice in our business to go out as a team and have lunch once a month. We celebrated every birthday with cake and inviting their family to the office. If their kids were having a birthday party, we were there.

CLo: What was the last book you read?

AG: “10 leyes Irrefutables para tu economia” which in english it means “10 Irrefutable laws for your economy” by Dr. Andrés Panasiuk. I don’t read any fiction. I read what I enjoy and I am always attracted to business, leadership and books that teach about dealing with people.

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3 thoughts on “Leadership Spotlight: Andres Gutierrez”

  1. Great post! I love and appreciate Andres’ comments – not only about his team and his passion for reading – but also his mission to the American Hispanic community.

    Just recently, I was introduced to the editor of a local monthly Hispanic magazine (VitaLatinaMagazine) through one of my BNI (Business Networking International) partners. She has asked me to become a part of this magazine by writing a series of articles over the next several months on the steps to homeownership. We are both very excited about taking this message to the Hispanic community – not only the HOPE of homeownership – but also the HELP.

    Chris -thanks for the intro to Andres and his incredible leadership through this post. Andres, thanks for your passion, energy and mission.

    1. Jana your right on target with your observations and comments. Your are full of love,whit and a super teacher to your drawing students!

  2. Very wise that you “give authority to those you love and respect”. What a great way to get honest feedback without unnecessary barbs attached. I agree wholeheartedly with the “sincere friendship” – that is just what I want with my drawing students. Thank you for sharing this, Andres.

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