Leadership Spotlight: Blake Thompson

For the next few months, I am going to spotlight a bunch of our leaders here at Dave Ramsey’s office. My first interview is with Blake Thompson, Senior Producer for The Dave Ramsey Show.

Blake manages everything that goes on in the studio and the content that goes out over the air. In other words, he keeps Dave on track!

Broadcasting is in Blake’s blood. After receiving a broadcasting/communications degree from Trevecca Nazarene University, Blake eventually found his way to Dave’s company. Hired in 1996, Blake was the eighth team member Dave brought on board. He has been the producer of the radio show since day one (15 years now).

But working as Dave Ramsey’s senior producer is more than just a job for Blake. He has totally embraced Dave’s financial principles. “I’m debt-free!” Blake says. Besides that, he loves helping others find financial hope through the radio and television shows.

  • Birthplace: Nashville, TN (Raised in Kansas City / Olathe, KS)
  • Family info: Wife – Tanya; Son – Blake Andrew; Daughter – Rylee

CLo: What is your role in leadership?

BT: To “rally the troops” (my team) and provide a sense of direction and purpose. “Direction,” meaning where we want to go, what it takes to get there, and the motivation/encouragement to get there. But none of this will work or last long term without constant reminders of the “purpose” of doing so.

CLo: What is the best advice you’ve ever received about leadership?

BT: “When you wake up…know exactly what you need to accomplish more than anything else that day. Write it down and/or dwell on it. Then do whatever it takes to accomplish it.” – Dave Ramsey. “Always have a goal. Something you are working toward every day. This is the key factor in avoiding laziness.” – Bill Hampton

CLo: What is the biggest challenge facing leaders today?

BT: Distraction! With emails, text messages, social media messages, etc. bombarding you every second of the day, you have to stay focused on the most important tasks at hand. There is a place for the other, but when it takes over your time and focus, you’re blowing your day and wasting time you will never get back.

CLo: How do you continue to improve yourself as a leader?

BT: By reading and following the examples of those who are winning. By meeting and hanging out with champions whether they’re winning in their careers, in spiritual areas or family life.

CLo: How do you invest in others?

BT: Encouragement. I believe people want more than anything else to be told they did a good job and that their efforts didn’t go unnoticed. As a leader, it’s vital you learn to recognize this and make it a habit – but it has to be sincere.

CLo: What was the last book you read?

BT: Radical: Taking Back Your Faith from the American Dream by David Platt. I’m currently reading Proverbs each morning. Talk about great leadership principles!

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  1. Man! These are such solid answers! Dave’s advice to ‘know what you need to accomplish for the day and do what it takes’ really speaks to me in how I look at my to-do list. Great stuff Blake and Chris!

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