Leadership Spotlight: Darrell Moore

The Leadership Spotlight continues this week with Darrell Moore. For the past four years Darrell Moore has led the Endorsed Local Provider (ELP) Financial program for The Dave Ramsey Show.

His team connects Dave’s listeners with local tax, financial and insurance professionals who advise their clients according to Dave’s Baby Steps.  Darrell constantly explores new ideas that will help grow the program and meet its high quality standards.

Prior to joining The Dave Ramsey Show, Darrell led retail branch locations for Regions Bank and First Tennessee Bank in both Nashville and Memphis.

Darrell is a Nashville native and a graduate of Brentwood Academy and the University of Tennessee in Knoxville.  In his spare time he can be found water-skiing or cheering on the Big Orange on fall Saturdays.  Darrell and his wife Dianne have two children, Jackson age 7, and Linley age 3, and are active members at Covenant Presbyterian Church in Nashville.  Darrell and his family live in Franklin, Tennessee.

CLo: What is your role in leadership?

DM: I lead Dave Ramsey’s Financial Endorsed Local Provider program.  I have a team of sales and administrative people who are tasked with growing the program while ensuring continued high quality service to Dave Ramsey’s listeners.

CLo: What is the best advice you’ve ever received about leadership?

DM: The best leaders are servant leaders.  There are so few servant leaders in the workplace that the few out there stand out like beacons.  Teams led by servant leaders tend to be stronger, more stable and experience more success in my opinion.

CLo: What is the biggest challenge facing leaders today?

DM: Managing expectations of the team.  Communication is vitally important and the lack of clear communication can lead a team to hear something vastly different from what was intended.  Even clearly communicated messages can be heard differently by different individuals.

CLo: How do you continue to improve yourself as a leader?

DM: I seek the counsel of other leaders who have been leading more people longer than myself.  I know that in most cases situations I see have been experienced before by other leaders and I always want to know how they would have handled those situations in hindsight.

CLo: How do you invest in others?

DM: I strive to interact with people in a manner which lets them know I’ve listened to them.  I also try to put members of my team in positions to make them more successful.  Letting others know that you genuinely care about them becoming better gives the leader more credibility.

CLo: What was the last book you read?

DM: “Just Do Something” by Kevin DeYoung


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