129 | Part 2 – Next-Level Life Journey: Before and After

We are jumping back into my interview with Trent, a recent LifePlan attendee.

If you listened to Part 1 of Trent’s journey you know that people pleasing and self worth were issues for him. Remember, this was BEFORE his LifePlan.

He confessed to having a hard time just coming on the podcast to talk about it due to his fear of not being good enough.

Well now we are ready for Part 2…the AFTER LifePlan episode.

I’d love to know your biggest take away from Trent’s LifePlan interview. Leave your comment below.

8 thoughts on “129 | Part 2 – Next-Level Life Journey: Before and After”

    1. JANA!!!!! It’s so great so hear from you!!! Yes, Trent is the man and we’re super proud of him! He came here so ready to learn and be coached and it paid off huge for him!

      1. Thanks, Joel! Sometimes the audio just won’t work for me, and sometimes I have no opportunity to listen. But, I haven’t forgotten you all and your great work, so I check in when I can.

        I’m just dying to know what Trent’s business is, and how Life Plan will change his business interactions and his personal life. Of course he wants to stay anonymous, but will you do a follow up interview in about 6 months or a year?

          1. I’m using the gizmo right on the blog post on my laptop – Soundcloud? Sometimes the audio simply quits, and sometimes it suddenly hops back to the beginning. And sometimes it is just my sketchy rural internet connection.Thank you for asking. (And I hope Trent will agree to a 3rd appearance on the podcast!)

  1. Trent, it takes true courage to do what you did for the reasons you did! After listening to the second episode I am confident that not only yourself, but you wife and boys will be better for what you are doing! You just changed your family tree! You should be proud of yourself! It was hard to listen to the first podcast because I hate to have people feel like they are not good enough! I can’t believe the transformation. I knew that he was going to come back on the podcast better, and I am sure that if we had video of him that we would have seen his posture change to be more confident, but you could tell over the podcast that he was drastically changed! You guys do fantastic work! I love listening and being encouraged!

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