Lisa Earle McLeod Interview

In this week’s episode of the EntreLeadership Podcast, I interview Lisa Earle McLeod, author of Selling With Noble Purpose.

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There are not a lot of sales books that I promote, but this is one of them! I truly believe that teaching sales tactics is a small portion of what you need to succeed. Which is why I love Lisa’s book.

On top of that, Lisa is giving away her Manager’s Video Book, a $99 value, for FREE!

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I will send you the link and password as soon as possible. 🙂

Question: Why would you like Lisa’s Video Book?



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Chris has a heart for changing lives by helping people discover the life and business they really want.

Decades of personal and leadership development experience, as well as running multi-million dollar businesses, has made him an expert in life and business coaching. personality types, and communication styles.

Growing up in a small logging town near Lake Tahoe, California, Chris learned a strong work ethic at home from his full-time working mom. He began his leadership and training career in the corporate world, starting but at E'TRADE.

625 thoughts on “Lisa Earle McLeod Interview”

  1. Hey Chris, just like everyone here we are all trying to aquire a little knowledge. Sounds like this video will fill the need. Thanks

  2. Hi Chris, I’d love to get access to that video. I’m realizing these days that success in my long term future will depend on my ability and ambition to sell with integrity. I was really challenged by interviews I recently heard with Daniel Pink when he was on Social Triggers ( ) and look forward to seeing selling as a major component to how I can add value to my employer in the new year and crush it in my developing side-business.

  3. I’m not a salesperson….but I would like the book because I think sales applies in business in general! If you’re a GM and get your people to engage in purpose driven work with the customer in mind….it does not matter if they are sales or manufacturing personnel….they will be making a larger commitment to the customer and the organization. And I’m like Chris….I don’t read sales books! Time for my first one…

  4. I would like the video series becouse i am stuggling with my sales process. Having heard Lisa befoe, i know her wisdom have great value.

    Chris, thank you for the blog and podcast! It is truely insperational.

  5. I would love a to have a copy of the sales video. I loved the podcast and I really want to hear more of what Lisa has to say on this topic. I am currently not in sales, but it is a lifestyle that I want to pursue and I want to do it for the right reasons.

  6. Hi Chris!

    I work for a nonprofit pregnancy center and although we don’t sell material items to clients, we sell “hope” to those in an unplanned pregnancy…….would love Lisa’s video book to learn the concepts and reach more donor support.

    Thanks for all you do!

  7. I’m a learner! Also taking on sales management responsibilities in addition to my full work load (marketing). If you trust, Lisa – that works for me! Thanks for all that you do, Chris. Truly a blessing.

    PS – wife and I are doing our DEBT FREE SCREAM in the studio on Feb 4! Crazy-excited!

  8. I would love this book because I have no formal training in business, struggle with sales, and though I don’t have a team (sole prop) I know that I am my sales force. I need all the help I can get.

  9. I am not very good at sales and, after hearing her approach to the entire sales process, I feel like she has the knowledge for me to put the right tools in my belt to shore up this area where I find myself lacking.

    There’s a quick question I have: Is this being given away to a single ‘winner’, or is this going to be given to everyone who completes the three steps?

  10. Hi Chris!
    This book would help our team leader & sales team to
    sell with purpose & have a better/different attitude about selling.
    This is the biggest struggle in our company now
    McLeod’s could inspire our team to be more successful!

    Thank you Chris!!!

  11. I have been a long time Zig Zigglar fan (rest in peace Zig). I remember him saying, “Selling is not something you do to the customer, it is something you do for the customer.” I would like Lisa’s ‘video book’ so that I can continue to do something for my customers.

  12. Hi Chris – I love your Podcast. It hit home and the timing could not be any better. My team and myself are at a fork in the road because we work for a dynamic organization with an incredible product that changes lives significantly both for the doctor and the patient. In spite of this, the main focus has been numbers and quotas from the top down pretty aggressively which in any sales organization that is understandable, but we need a tool that will help us focus on our purpose or our NSP because there are many to focus on.

    If we do this, then our selling efforts will definitely be more fulfilling, productive and impactful. We would love this video series to learn and grow personally and as a team. I am a true believer of purpose and customer first and then everything follows accordingly much like Matthew 6:33 “Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things will be added to you.”

    Thank you – Eddie O

  13. I would like this book so that I can gain a more comprehensive knowledge, and see the proof of how this selling method works.

  14. What an amazing interview! I see myself listening to it over and over again. I work with a client services team and so much of what was said is VERY applicable. I just loved it!

  15. I’d like a copy of Lisa’s book because I believe she’s nailed it. We need to take fear off the table and start focusing on the customers, not the numbers.

  16. I love this information. As a top performer as a salesperson at one company or average at another I can look back and see a clear thread of purpose at the companies I succeeded at and a distinct lack at the ones I did not see the same success. Now as a Sales Leader for a start up I would love to grow our sales team the right way with Lisa’s generous gift.

  17. Our lives have a purpose, and in turn, our careers should also follow that purpose to serve people. Jesus said, “It’s better to give…”

  18. This interview/podcast with the previous podcast with Rabbi Lappin was like a 1-2 punch in all the best meaning of this phrase! Loved to go a bit deeper on how service through selling from Lisa and Dave on this podcast continued what serving others bringing in money from Rabbi Lappin said. NSP is a great concept and I’ll take that with me today in my small business. Thank you Chris and Lisa! I also tweeted via @dnphotograph too – had to share this with all my business peers today:-)

  19. As a sales manager I love this focus on a noble sales purpose. Our company provides incredible products and services that have completely changed and made other businesses extremely successful…yet it is so easy to get sucked into the numbers to hit this quarters quota or to win another Presidents Circle trip – It is so important to stay focused on the client and on making them as successful as possible so they can have prosperous lives and bless their families and live their dreams.

  20. Being a technology leader, I need to understand a salesperson’s mindset and sell my own strategy to my peers and leaders. I think Lisa’s book would help me learn additional techniques.

  21. Chris and Lisa, thank you for the podcast! I would love to receive this vook because I was once again inspired by this concept of serving the client not essentially just trying to take there money. I have seen this trait in people of success and it’s awesome to watch. My hope for this vook is to gain deeper knowleage of how to serve and to use it to teach and inspire others to serve their clients needs not just try to seek the money.

  22. This podcast was very motivating this morning. Sales is not a strong point of mine, but despite that we continue to grow every year. Working with a purpose is so powerful. Thank you.

  23. Because everyone is in sales, and loved hearing her talk about bringing value to and take care of the customer.

  24. I would love a copy of this video — I am currently an accountant so I am deep in the numbers. I need to expand my knowledge so I can get outside of the numbers and really learn what drives the profit! Plus, I don’t want to be a bean counter all my life!

  25. I’m a small-business owner and am always looking for personal growth. I listened to the podcast and am excited to learn more!

  26. I think the V-Book could be useful in managing my team. I lead a group of project managers, engineers, and technicians. While we are not in the “sales department”, we all play a role in selling. I think the v-book would provide excellent insights for leaders like me.

  27. A very ‘successful’ sales associate friend tells me I am not a sales person. I know he probably has good reason for saying this, but the idea of purpose-driven work resonates with me. I am finding all of the EntreLeadership podcasts inspirational. After Financial Peace, my wife and I are still working toward small business goals and i believe Lisa’s videos will be a great help to both of us.

  28. I’m 20 years old and just starting off in the world of business. I work for a company that is extremely customer driven as far as sales go. We definitely have a NSP and I want to learn more about this so I can become the best entrepreneur I can be.

  29. Our company has a great product but sales have been weaker than anticipated. I hope that the Lisa’s video will help our team be more successful.

  30. This was another awesome interview! Almost done listening to it the second time. I like Dave’s statement: “We’re not selling stuff we’re not proud of.” Also, I love the concept of a Noble Sales Purpose.

    I would love to get this to help with my sales and marketing as I get started with my business. I don’t plan on doing sales myself (I know, we’re all in sales…), but might be managing sales as things grow. I would also share the things I learn on my blog.

  31. Justin Broughton

    I would like to learn a better way to sell and gain confidence. Based on the interview I will learn each and apply them in my selling process.

  32. Your Podcast is a great motivator for me. I would like the Vook because I want to get back into sales. I left sales because I didn’t want to work for a used car mentality manager. Lisa spoke about the service side of selling and that excited me. I don’t currently work in a direct selling position, but I use my sales training everyday. The Vook will help me get back into sales and sharpen my skills.

  33. I’m an ops guy by experience and was recently promoted to GM. I would like help in reshaping and recharging our sales organization and think these video lessons will greatly help my efforts.

  34. i’m really trying to get my distributorship up and moving so that I can start working from home full-time to be more available to my kids.

  35. I found Lisa’s guidance in the interview truly compelling. As a newly minted small business owner myself (6 months running), I am fast learning about sales (or shall I say “service”). Deep down, I knew a money/profit centric approach would not sustain me or the business and I was already in the process of formulating reasons for choosing this path at this time in my life. Listening to the interview, I realized my NSP and now feel energized about my undertaking and about making a positive difference in the lives of others. Set fear aside, indeed 🙂

  36. I am an educator but I still feel that I too am in sales, serving families who want a good education. I want this book to continue growing and learning. I am a huge fan of the podcast; it has changed my life. Thanks for your team’s service.

  37. Awesome interview on sales and having the right servant’s heart when heading into each and every call or client contact. I’d love to hear more from Lisa on this topic as I work in sales and provide a unique product and constantly have questions about how our team can more effectively serve our clients and at the same time increase our volume. I’m looking forward to all of the new podcasts this year and am thankful for such a great resource full of gold nuggets of wisdom!

  38. Between Rabbi Lappin and Lisa McLeod, I see the best practices and attitudes in the company I work with.

    I want to be able to better share these insights with my team.

  39. That is excellent information. Changing the mindset to look at going after a purpose and serving your customer from looking at only numbers is not easy. This book will be a huge benefit in changing the mindset of my engineering to determining a purpose for serving our customer rather than looking at how many product launches we do. I am also in the process doing sales so it will be huge in helping be succesful as I work to serve customers rather than just look at sales data.

  40. I would really appreciate the chance to receive Lisa’s Video Book because at thi stage in my career (just starting in sales management) I am trying to gain as much worth-while knowledge as possible. After hearing the podcast, I went to Amazon and purchased her book. I’m glad to have found this podcast!

  41. It was a great
    interview. I never thought about sales and business objectives from this angle.
    But I would love to hear more how you could convince your shareholders if the
    numbers are not there. Thank you for the awesome insights.

  42. What a great podcast series ! I am one of those small business owner/ engineer / software developer / geek types / 🙂 That struggles with sales and my salesman. This video book is great timing for me !

  43. I would love Lisa’s video book because it would help me deal with Managers who only care about the numbers and not the customers. This was a very solid interview…Loved it!

  44. I have been struggling with how “purpose” is tied to my current sales position (which is going great), but suddenly my subconscious thoughts all came together during the interview with Lisa. I would like to more fully explore this purpose and fulfill the potential.

  45. Lisa Earle McLeod’s interview was outstanding. I learned so much about the heart of selling. As a business major I didn’t think selling had any heart and was strictly about the dollar. I am happy to see that sales has a heart and has changed my outlook on sales forever.

  46. I would love this vook to help change my life and the lives of those around me to be more purpose driven. I think that a bit more purpose in everybody’s life will be helpful.

  47. I really found the information valuable. The thought that want I done can make a difference in a persons life, that I value them and want to meet there needs. I will share this info with my store manager. I know he is open to improving are culture in are work place.

  48. I can tell anybody what we do and how we do it….now you have pushed me to examine the why/purpose! I would love to learn more from Lisa via her vook. Thanks for sharing with and encouraging me!

  49. I have no practical experience with sales. Marketing and advertising, yes. Sales no. I always used to think salesmen were greasy, slimy people. Dave Ramsey’s EntreLeadership book changed my understanding. Certainly there are bad sales reps who give that unpleasant, superficial feeling. But the good ones have that heart of a teacher who believe in the product or service.

    This video book product, sounds like great practical training I need to add quality sales skills. I think it would help me and my future customers a great deal.

  50. I’ve always been fascinated by selling, but felt as though I wasn’t good at it if I didn’t believe in the product/service. Lisa’s Video Book intrigues me as a resource to help me develop skills that will serve me well as I seek to serve others.

  51. Question: Why would you like Lisa’s Video Book?

    I would like lisas video book because, she is changing the concept of selling. Adding value and creating a purpose for yourself in life will ultimately lead you to being happy, that is what everyone strives, for, to be happy.

  52. I would love this video series in order to help our company sell with purpose. It is exciting to consider what our purpose is and how this can have an impact on the bottom line.

  53. This discussion resonated with me as I am doing some internal consulting for a sales team as well as a brother contemplating a career in sales.

  54. I am thankful for the EntreLeadership Podcast, and especially enjoyed Chris’ interview today with Lisa Earle McLeod. Her research and insights into having a Noble Sales Purpose extends way beyond just sales. In the organization I work in, i am a marketing leader that would greatly benefit from the information found in her book and research. I benefited just from the podcast interview! Would love to learn more!

  55. I would like a copy of Lisa’s video book because we all sell in one fashion or another and I would like to better my selling skills.

  56. What a fantstic podcast. I want to reinforce the importance of not just hitting the numbers but hiting the ground each day with a noble purpose

  57. Would like to hear more about her views on customer focused sales. At, we sell air purifiers to consumers and focus on ‘Helping others live better lives’. If I can get even more insight in building that better into our culture, that would be great

  58. This concept is what we’ve been working on in our own company since the beginning. We’re also teaching each of our clients the same concept that it’s all about serving people. I’d love to see more from Lisa!

  59. I would love to receive this video book. Although not a sales person directly in my organization, I’m sincerely interested in being a positive force for those in my organization which involves being passionate about what we do and getting others excited about our work.

  60. Chris, Great interview! My company and I stress our USP – unique selling proposition and we have hit a major rut in our sales-fear is at an all time high. We need this vook to take us from USP, to selling with a Noble Purpose! I’m new to twitter but here it goes!

  61. I am curious to see what the recommendations for a non-seller leading a Sales Team. I understand it’s all about questions but what about being a competent leader? It was extremely informative – I want more!

  62. I manage a team of 4 salespeople, and Lisa’s message of selling with purpose resonates with me. I’ve seen customers respond better to a mildly-polished pitch that displays integrity and concern for their well being, than to a high-gloss pitch that might as well have been a TV commercial. I want to buy from real people who want to perform for my benefit. I would imagine my customers want the same! Loved the interview.

  63. The reason that Lisa’s book and videos are coming at the right time is I am in the process of releasing some new products. In listening to Lisa, I am wanting to learn and then revisit each product to determine what my reason is for each one. Really loved what Lisa, Chris and Dave all had to say. I think looking at the why will help me to be more sucessful in helping people, not just pushing my widgets.

  64. The interview was amazing as they are all the time. As a small business owner trying to figure out how to improve our sales process. I’m always trying to learn new stuff and more to improve me so that I can share it. The video book would just be one more tool I would use to make me better.

  65. Great interview! It’s a simple concept to sell with a purpose but it’s easy to get distracted with targets, goals, sales numbers. This interview presents the concept in a clear way that makes it easy to communicate to my team. Thanks! I would like access to the video book so I can learn more about improving my sales ability.

  66. Can’t get enough instruction on how to best work with my fellow human beings to accomplish the God-given opportunities in life: family, ministry, business, etc. Thanks for the great offer and great podcast.

  67. I think Lisas book will help me build a foundation for a company I’m looking to start. I want to make sure the foundation is rock solid!

  68. As a Cosmetology Instructor I am always looking for better ways to discuss sales and serving the client. This material will be perfect.

  69. Dawn Norris you hit it on the head! This interview along with the one with Rabbi Lappin were life-changing. Gained a much better perspective on how to view sales as a service to mankind, not just a paycheck. This will certainly inspire me to a greater purpose in all I do and everyone I come in contact.

  70. I just started a company and have perfected my product. I want to use these resources to not only create sales but to create a great reputation as well

  71. Wow, I’m late to the party and it looks like I missed a doozy!

    I used to work in Pharma and can attest to what Lisa is saying in the podcast. I can tell you that I was “rockstar” at one drug, because I believed in it. I was lousy at another because I didn’t. So simple!

    I think the tough thing is for those in leadership positions (with driver personality types) to get behind this kind of thinking. They are set on the JUST DO IT mentality, but people are more complicated than that. Just a little more. 😉

    Great work as usual Mr. CLo!

  72. We are currently working in the right direction, and could use more of the great information you talked about during this podcast. Please, can’t wait to get the videos. God Bless

  73. What a Great Interview! Why would you like Lisa’s Video Book?

    I am currently working on growing a team of Financial Planners helping families using FPU principles. We love what we do, but are always looking for more ways to help more people.

  74. Great job with the podcasts! I woud love to receive Lisa’s video book. We do not have a training budget at my office so every chance I get to invest in myself I take it. Thanks for all you do!

  75. I love the connection between purpose and selling. It mad so much sense when Lisa said it. I LOVE the concept and can’t wait to learn more about it.

  76. As the pastor of a medium-size congregation, I find that these podcasts help tremendously in thinking through leadership with a group composed of 100% volunteers and I am always seeking ways of “selling” the vision of the church so that people develop a connection with our church and ultimately a connection to Christ. This is why I would love the opportunity to have a copy of the video series, knowing that I can get good use out of Lisa’s work.

  77. I would love a copy of this video series to help me with both my current job in education but also to help me with a future business I plan to start. I know that her expertise will be invaluable as a resource and that it would prepare me to be a better leader. Thanks again for a great podcast Chris! Excellent stuff!

  78. I am in the process of turning my hobby into a business and sales absolutely freaks me out. I am looking forward to hearing the answers to the questions I have as well as the ones I don’t know I have.

  79. I listened to this podcast over and over again because i feel that “purpose” is exactly what drives me. In years past, I remember when I was selling a variety of products and services and I hit a real spike. The reason I did so great was because I didn’t have money in my eyes, it was because i was driven by a purpose to help others beyond myself. Along the way I have gotten lost in what truly matters….and have found that we are here to help each other, the best way that we can. As an individual we don’t have to have every talent and skill set on earth, if we can just use the abilities that we do have and share it with as many as possible, then fulfillment shall follow. Thank you for this podcast!

  80. I am a small business owner not too far along, about 4 years. I have grown my business for 2-3 team members to up to 8 this past year. I need help figuring out my management style and getting my team on board with selling our service. I could use all the help I could get and I think/know that Lisa’s book would be exactly that.

  81. I want my company to be purpose and service driven! This tool would give me a unique opportunity to help my team refocus how we think about serving our customers when we sell our products. I just can’t wait for more information!! Thank you for all that you do! I love the podcasts and always anxiously await the next lesson.

  82. I’m an athletic director trying to build a small high school athletic program. I have found sales/leadership/management and especially biblical wisdom to help me in my job far more than anything I learned from education classes in college

  83. I am just going back into a Sales role so timing is perfect. Seemingly few sales people get the whole “serving others” concept so I’d like to be one of the exceptions. Really enjoy the podcast. Keep up the great work!

  84. I really want to learn more about selling. I have been involved with high pressure sales early in my work experience and it was in conflict with my ethics. I am starting another business and want to establish a corporate culture that is respected. By learning how to sell appropriately and training my business partners, we will be able to help our customers more effectively. I really liked this podcast and the car salesman story. It reminds me of an important question, “do you want to sell a car to one person, or to their kids, grand kids, great grand kids, aunts, uncles and social circles.” I have been raised to be extremely ethical and loyal. Before listening to the EntreLeadership podcast, I didn’t think it was possible create a large corporation that kept its values and ethics. It is impossible, IMPOSSIBLE to become successful if you are trying to sell people stuff they don’t need. Yes you may become rich but for me that doesn’t mean success. Your organization has set the standard for us to follow and I appreciate you showing the success that can come from helping people and doing the right thing. Business and Leadership isn’t something that a person can just learn in school and know, it has to be exercised by continuous training. In my experience I am always the leader but I became that by following and doing whats best for my team. Being a leader isn’t easy, I often tell my circle that it is a responsibility and I wouldn’t do it if someone else stepped up and wanted too. When my circles look to me, I choose to act and help them instead of running away. I’m not sure if my leadership strategy is the most effective but I feel like the best way to lead is to always be an example of how to act and what to do so that when they are in situations they can think, “what would he do”. Thanks again, I appreciate all of your hard work and God bless.

  85. My father recently retired and I have taken over the family business after being the top sales person for eight years. I believe we are at our best when helping our customers and want to impart this to our sales force.

  86. Lisa’s message echoes much of Rabbi Lapin’s message. If I had the luxury of time, it would be interesting to go back through all the podcasts and see how many other interviewees had the same message. In fact, service is one of the primary themes throughout this blog!

  87. This interview was so powerful. Every business needs to adopt these practices to truly change their culture from a numbers only driven team to a team driven by the desire to fulfill our purpose in life, which is to love and serve others in the name of Jesus Christ!

  88. I love the podcasts and get to listen to them on the drive into work and iheart radio Dave Ramsey station on the way home. I am in a leadership position and very much want to know more about selling with purpose when the product is difficult to set inside the framework of a higher purpose than just making money.

  89. She makes total sense! It’s so motivating to hear someone who understands the meaning of work, and how that purpose affects the customer.

  90. I would like to share these videos with my team. Our company is purpose driven and Lisa’s interview inspired me to reflect on how being purpose and value driven has helped me and how it can help others within my company.

  91. I recently took on a new role as a manager/liaison so I am asorbing all the great material I can. No matter what you do in life, your always going to be in the business of selling. I am constantly on the look out for great content and after listening to Lisa’s interview, I have full faith that her videos will bring a positive impact to my life.

    Thanks for all you guys do and for all the great content you provide to us.

  92. I just listened to the podcast yesterday and have already learned from Lisa. I’ve just taken over as the Sales Manager for our company and am trying to learn the ropes…thanks for your insight.

  93. I am new to this Podcast and my first listen was Lisa Mcleod. I am so thankful that there are people out there training our sales teams that its about serving others, not just trying to hoard all the money you can. She definitely has “the heart of a teacher”

  94. I am a student of Jim Collins. After this great interview I feel inclined to believe that Lisa writes at the same level and with the same data-driven style. I have to find out about her for myself.

  95. Our company’s purpose is to help change our culture by helping parents lead their families to become less passive, more active, in mind and in body. Loved the podcast with Lisa and I’m looking forward to the video series! Debra Ross,

  96. Too often in sales we focus on a quota; we coach to get that quota; we teach to get that quota–if we just take the time to focus on a purpose, all of the rest will follow–great stuff—knowledge truly is power!

  97. I’m not in direct sales anymore, but I still consider myself a salesperson. “Nothing happens until a sale is made” doesn’t have to apply to a financial transaction; it can apply to you selling yourself on losing weight or quitting smoking or being nicer to your spouse, kids, etc. And their responses won’t change until you’ve sold them on the idea that you’re committed to change.

    Since I’ve been out of sales as making a living for several years now, I’ve felt myself slipping in my ability to ‘close a deal’ in any sense.

    I’d love to watch these videos to re-energize my personal relationships and help to define for myself a purpose greater than myself.

    Thanks for the podcast, Chris and Lisa!!

  98. I would like to drive our small family business with more purpose. I’m not necessarily in sales but continue to do more and more as we grow. I believe this would be a great tool for our continued success.
    Thanks for all that you do.

  99. Great podcast. I have always thought companies like Southwest Airlines and Whole Foods that have Noble Purpose have it figured out. Our Exec team is meeting in February, so the video book will be a valuable resource. I will be buying Lisa’s book also. Thanks!

  100. Why would I like Lisa’s book? It was quite apparent from the interview that she absolutely knows what she’s talking about and can back it up with metrics. I’ve heard it from several people and I’m ready to implement!

  101. I would like this video series because I am an outside sales rep for a law enforcement equipment retailer. In these times of shrinking public safety budgets, I want to learn how to properly lead my sales team past the drive for numbers. I want to teach them how to change lives.

  102. I’m hoping to potentially start my own business in the next couple of years and am trying to grow into a person who motivates and inspires my team in a better way.
    Love your podcast!

  103. This serves as a confirmation to me. When I take care of my customers, they will take care of me. You have let out my secret to succeeding in my business and why my customers follow me. This, plus Rabbi Lappin, have been very encouraging.

  104. The podcast and interview was great. I’ll definitely be picking up her book but any other resources, such as her video book, would be incredible.
    For my personal interests I have no problem with a NSP such as why I coordinate FPU, but in my job I have a very difficult time defining it. I hope this video book will help me develop that.

  105. More sales means more lives are changed and the business mission is expanded. If this book can help do that, I’m all in.

  106. I was a sales manager once. That is why I have not been a sales manager twice.

    I don’t necessarily plan on ever doing it again, BUT I know there is valuable wisdom in there so I will definitely read it.

  107. Paula Palmer Burns

    So thankful for this tool!! My weakest point is MY Sales Management skills and I have to be one long enough to develop the revenue to pay for one! 🙂

  108. NSP makes all the difference. Praise God for that conversation and insight that came from it. My NSP is that my service unlocks thinking potential. Great work, Lisa.

  109. It was so nice to hear about selling from the piont of view of a person with a passion for what they do, how they do it, and why they do it. I loved it!

  110. I have a small business designing touch friendly software for phones and tablets and I would like to learn how to build and grow a sales team. This looks like a great starting point.

  111. It’s what I have always felt. I do not want a job, I want a purpose. I believe I have found the job that gives me that purpose, now how to transfer that to sales and the customer.

  112. Interested in connecting my passions with my current career more clearly.
    Another insightful cast with a great guest. Thanks Chris

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    for free I jumped at the occasion to learn more. Noble selling purpose
    is so true. I was thinking what my noble selling purpose could be and
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  181. Loved the podcast on sales with a purpose! I have been telling my family and friends about the light bulb moment when I realized that I have been searching for that purpose in my career! I would love to see more of what Lisa has to say on the topic. It is not just about sales… it is about our happiness in whatever job we may have!

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