95 | Ask Chris: Listening To God and Learning to Rest

Listening to god

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We are jumping back into your questions today!
Thanks to everyone who’s been over to https://chrislocurto.com/askchris/ and left a question.

The questions today dealing with listening to God and how to actually take time off from your job.

Taking time to listen to God is tough in our busy world but it’s vital. You have to make time for that. It’s truly the most important part of your day. I answer a great question from Jason about being more open to God and even listening to people, too.

And Barry had an interesting question about taking time off during the week to “relax” or rest from work. Is it possible when you genuinely love your job?
I feel ya Barry!

Here are some of the highlights from this podcast:

  • How to listen to God
  • Being sensitive to God’s voice
  • Why you need to practice listening
  • Building the listening muscles
  • Being fully engaged in conversation
  • Emotional attachment in your work
  • Why the Sabbath is important?
  • Are you putting work before family?

We love hearing from you!

If you’ve got a question for me or the team, go to https://chrislocurto.com/askchris/ and you might be featured on the next episode!

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1 thought on “95 | Ask Chris: Listening To God and Learning to Rest”

  1. Chris, really love the conversation here on listening to God and rest! That listening stuff is always a tricking thing to try to get a handle on. We all want hear from God. So, I appreciate you sharing your experience with that. I’m sure a lot of folks will benefit from that. Also, wanted to say thanks for raising awareness for the military. As someone who trains soldiers everyday, I appreciate it when people have the opportunity to get a closer look at the sacrifice these families make every single day. So, thank you for acknowledging that. I hope people will see the movie and look for ways to support those who defend our right to do the things we love.

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