Marketing With Emotion By Google Chrome

Marketing done well should touch the emotions. Every once in a while, you see a commercial that simply moves you. Recently, a friend sent me a link to one from Google Chrome. I took a couple of minutes, watched it and immediately began to smile. OK, maybe a tear or two might have escaped


Now that I’ve blown my nose, the point I want to make is this one: You don’t have to be all up in somebody’s grill to make a sale. You can’t always beat your competition with huge discounts. A large part of operating a business is about the connections you make and the quality of what you sell. And the geniuses of Google knocked it out of the park!

As Simon Sinek says in his book, Start with Why, don’t sell the what, sell the why. The great thing about this commercial is Google actually did both—emphasizing the why without making you focus on the what. As they told a story that touches the heart, they showed how you Can use SEVERAL aspects of Google Chrome.

  • Gmail
  • Multiple Accounts
  • Photo Integration
  • Video Integration
  • Google Maps Integration
  • Google Earth Integration
  • Picasa Album Integration
  • YouTube Integration

All of this in a minute-and-a-half video clip that completely touches the heart of every viewer and was produced with little money, hosted on YouTube and viewed almost 5 million times!!! THAT is how you create a call to action. It’s virtually impossible as a parent to watch this video and not want to set up accounts for your small ones and send them info for years to come.

This is something that you can do with your marketing. Touch the heart. Sell the why. And when necessary, show the what.

Here’s to you Google. Now, I’m going to go home and hug my kids.

Question: What was your favorite ad this year and what made it so special? 



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16 thoughts on “Marketing With Emotion By Google Chrome”

  1. Uh, wow. All business owners can learn from this! In this “ad” for Google Chrome, they appeal to OUR lives, not the features of THEIR product. As you said, Chris, they appeal to why we use technology, not what technology we use. And as Simon Sinek also said in his book, they appeal to a part of us that’s difficult to rationalize but we know it when we feel it. The key for Google though is repeating this over and over and over so that it doesn’t come across as hollow.

    1. Joel, I love your comment! I think that is another reason why we like the ad. They are not “trying” to sell us something. They aren’t saying come check out our product. They quietly show you the product and give you an opportunity to see what it does, for you, in real life. Awesome concept!

  2. Love the little pig on the slide wire in the Geico commercia. Caused me to laugh at the squealing, the bizarreness, and the unexpected sound of his speaking voice. In addition, I had to view it about 10 times before I figured out what he was saying. (I THINK it is “pure adrenaline”.)

    By the way, I have no idea what Google Chrome actually is – now I know what it does, but don’t I have enough to do??

  3. Now I look weird crying on my iPad… thanks a lot! : ) What a GREAT way to communicate on a deeply emotional level!! I have the “unplugged” version of that… a little green note pad where I started writing letters to my daughter after she was born and a blue one for my son. Guess what her favorite bedtime story book is? “Mom, read me one of my letters.” Google gets that.

    I hear and read more about how most consumers in our Western society in the “developed” countries who have basic necessities figured out have a need for meaning and connection and relationship and that is what drives their purchasing. Plus, we have so much FREE stuff (software, apps, content, media, blogs, books…) that it makes it even harder to deliver top quality and exceed people’s expectations. Everyone is throwing out free stuff to attract attention to their business.

    This helped me realize why I work as a training consultant. My work allows people to learn and advance in their career. This translates into the single mom being able to support her kids, or the military wife finding a great job wherever the family moves to, or the retiree finding a new passion in a new career… I work to make a difference in people’s lives. (And there goes another long-winded post 😉 ).

  4. I had never thought about it – but you’re dead on. They linked the why and the what so seamlessly, and it was so unobtrusive.
    It makes us think hard about technology, too. A lot of people would say that smartphones and Google and connectivity just take us away from our families, but Google has deliberately shown us how technology can actually bring our families closer together.

    1. Absolutely! I heard of a guy who wrote an article a few years back about how kids today have no social interaction, they don’t write letters, and they don’t interact with people. ARE YOU KIDDING?!?! They write 20 letters a day by being in chat rooms with a group of their closest friends!!

  5. I seen that ad on TV at one point. I started an account for my daughter (who is 4). I have been sending pictures and videos to it for about 6 months now. With the lack of writing skills, this works better for me than writing in a diary. Hopefully someday she will look back on it and have the same feelings I have every time I send something. I also just opened another one for my other daughter who was born last Friday.

    Google got me where it counts….

  6. I love the last…the internet is what you make of it. In reality: Life is what you make of it…they just brought that a little more personal to give the internet connection with you. This is an incredible message. Thought provoking on my Why…and how I am communicating it. Thanks for sharing this!

  7. I love the book “Start with Why”! I have read it – marked it – re-read it – talked about it – shared it. And am speaking on it. It all starts with WHY! Thanks for a great post – and …..I can’t tell you what my favorite ad this year – will need to think on that one!

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