Moving Windmills

I saw this and just had to share it with you. There should not be a reason in this country that someone can’t succeed at their dream. Watch this and let me know if you agree.

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19 thoughts on “Moving Windmills”

  1. Everything he did was to serve or improve the lives of those around him. Wonderful!! “Ya, that’s what I plan to do.” Thanks for sharing.

  2. I believe that there is a line of passion and truth that runs through the heart of people. He tapped into that truth. Awesome. I think it is time to build a windwill.

      1. Thank you, Lily. I’ve saved that site for further reading. I did see he is a senior at DARTMOUTH – WOW! I am interested to know when and how he learned English. This man will go far in life!

  3. The part of this video that strikes me the most besides his creativity and perseverance is the humilty of this young man.

    Thank you for this video, very reflective and inspiring.

  4. And usually in America, someone can look in a book and say, “That’s so cool. I wish I could do that, but it’ll take too much…” Or we just look at it and say we shouldn’t do it because it’s already been done. His reaction: “How can I make this work with what I have? How can I make it bigger/better?”

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