My Interview On Andy Andrews’ Show

Andy Andrews has an incredible line up of talented guests on his podcast, In The Loop. Recently I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Andy Andrews and Andy Traub. Take a listen.

If you can’t view the player, click here to listen.

Some of the topics we discussed were:

  • What am I passionate about?
  • What’s the coolest thing going on in my life right now?
  • What are the most impactful lessons I teach in EntreLeadership?

Question: What are your answers to the first two questions?



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Meet Chris LoCurto


Chris has a heart for changing lives by helping people discover the life and business they really want.

Decades of personal and leadership development experience, as well as running multi-million dollar businesses, has made him an expert in life and business coaching. personality types, and communication styles.

Growing up in a small logging town near Lake Tahoe, California, Chris learned a strong work ethic at home from his full-time working mom. He began his leadership and training career in the corporate world, starting but at E'TRADE.

30 thoughts on “My Interview On Andy Andrews’ Show”

  1. That was an awesome interview Chris! It was neat to hear you on the other side of an interview!
    Now, two questions. What am I passionate about? You know that’s something I’ve really been struggling with lately to figure out. Ive realized I’ve let life happen to me and now I’m trying to get back on track…and I’ve gotta find the track I want to be on! I think besides my family and my faith, I am most passionate about teaching. I LOVE teaching people, whether it’s work, church, my daughter, coaching soccer, it doesn’t really matter, I love taking subjects and breaking them down so other people can learn them.
    The coolest thing going on in my life right now is the learning curve I’m on. I’m soaking up tons of podcasts, this blog, and several other sources of great info that will make me better. I’m frustrated with where I am in life, but I feel the excitement that comes when you know things are about to break your way. I feel like the life I’m reaching for is just out of reach, but quickly coming within range.
    I guess that’s what excited me right now. Thanks for being a part of that process Chris (as well as all my new friends on this blog!), you’re a priceless influence in my life.

    1.  @Skropp The teaching/learning part is huge. It would seem a lot of people go through school (K to 12, or K to 5th Year College) with guidance from their parents, and then stop. With nobody pushing them anymore, people give up the learning process once they are “free” and don’t pick it up until they realize that NOT learning continually is harmful. Of course, some never recognize that learning is important. So, you are certainly on the right track sir. 

      1. @Jonathan Henry thats so true. I just don’t get people that don’t want to learn! I LOVE learning new things, information, etc everyday!
        Ever since erring home from the mission I served for my church I’ve just been obsessed with learning and growing (I’m not sure of the correlation between my mission and my desire to learn, I think that was maybe when I really saw the benefits and blessings of studying and learning…)

    2.  @Skropp definitely stay encouraged. Whenever frustrations try to dominate your thoughts, simply feed off of the certainty that, in your own words, “things are about to break your way.” Maybe teaching is your passion, and maybe you’re still in the process of putting your finger on that thing that makes you tick; either way, you are on the right track! Furthermore, with the pursuit for personal growth you have described, I sense that identifying that which you are most passionate about is closer than you might realize.

      1. @rlawrencejr Thanks do much for the encouragement! It’s been tough to determine what I’m REALLY passionate about, but it feels like its getting closer. There’s a definite excitement that comes from knowing you’re getting close to finding it!

  2. Awesome interview!!!  However, they must not listen to Dave or you much because they used the “E” word (employee!). HA!
    What am I passionate about? Learning and teaching. Inspiring people to lead a better life.
    What is the coolest thing going on in my life right now?  I’m taking my career to the next level by learning all this stuff on leadership from books, podcasts and this blog.  This will allow me to coach others on how to successfully lead their career and their life and hopefully lead me to get back into training and speaking (as opposed to only writing training programs like I’m doing now).   I have the best husband in the world and two adorable, happy and healthy little kids that are the joy of my life, our faith is strong and still growing and our finances are in great shape. I’m so blessed  I couldn’t ask for more.  Life is GREAT!

    1.  @lilykreitinger Family, faith, finances, and focus.  Doesn’t get much better than that.  Okay, maybe fitness and friends, too!  
      Your passion is the key.  You inspire me most of all by your true passion in your work and with your family.  You prove it is possible to balance both and do it well every day!   

      1.  @skottydog Thanks! Fitness and friends are the two missing “f”s.   We moved a year ago and started over.  We had an AWESOME church community and a faith-filled group of friends, and that all disappeared when we relocated and we haven’t been able to get it back.   The funny thing is the previous time we moved, we joined this awesome church right away and within three months they became our family.   We expected to repeat the experience and did not happen.   And the fitness part is where we totally suck.  We’re so busy with two full time jobs and two full-time kids and now being home owners that fitness it bottom of the list.   Gives us something to really look forward to and work on.   I wouldn’t say I’ve learned to balance family and work. I’ve learned to juggle both.   I want my kids to feel proud of their parents making the right decisions for our family today so they don’t have to clean up our mess when we’re in our 80s.

        1.  @lilykreitinger I’d hate to admit this, but fitness is the one thing that can be most easily “fixed”.  Finances, not so much.  It’s much easier to get on a treadmill and drop a few pounds than it is to erase thousands of dollars of stupid…uh, I mean, debt!  

  3. Great interview Chris!
    These are two easy questions for me. I’m passionate about leadership and about people; specifically the area of people development. And it’s not as if these two areas are mutually exclusive. There is obviously tons of overlap. I love to lead, and I love to help people grow, so zeroing in on my passion is easy. The coolest thing going on in my life right now is my career transition. There is certainly some level of uncertainty and/or risk involved whenever someone pivots from one career path to another, especially when this occurs later in life, but at the same time there exists an excitement and a comfort that come from knowing that making such a shift is necessary in order to experience real career wellbeing and real satisfaction in the work that one does. That’s where I am right now, and it’s the coolest thing! Of course, it wouldn’t be very cool, and I would probably just be floundering from one career path to another if I didn’t have a firm grasp on how God has wired me (strengths & personality) and what gets me charged up (passion).

    1. @rlawrencejr Thanks for your comment. I’m curious to know how you mitigate or manage the uncertainty and risk that you said is accompanying your career change?

        Skropp, this is a great question. Obviously, each person’s situation is different. My own particular situation happens to be a little bit unique, and too long to get into here. However, I believe there is something common that everyone involved with career change shares: attitude and outlook. I’m big on personal responsibility; therefore, I own my situation (I’m certainly not suggesting that you don’t own yours, I’m just talking about me). Yes, there is uncertainty and risk involved with changing careers, but there is uncertainty and risk at every turn in life. I can’t even be certain that I’ll wake up tomorrow morning. And while I can try to minimize the risks that confront me in life, I have to accept that dealing with risk is a natural part of life. Perhaps part of my solution to managing uncertainty and risk is that I try very hard to not make decisions based on fear.
        If you have not read the book “Quitter” by Jon Acuff, I highly suggest it. The whole premise of this book is designed to take the sting out of much of the uncertainty and risk involved with career change, especially as it relates to pursuing your dream job. Also, I recommend reading anything by John Miller. I’m a high achiever, and very much an action oriented person. I recently read Miller’s “Flipping the Switch,” and loved it. Finally, if you haven’t read the classic “Who Moved My Cheese” by Spencer Johnson, then this short enjoyable book is a must.

        1.  @rlawrencejr “Attitude and outlook” in career change.  Don’t leave home without it!  It’s impossible to get through the uncertainty if either one of those are negative!
          In fact, people with a poor outlook and/or attitude are usually the people who are “stuck” in the same miserable job for years and years.

        2. @rlawrencejr Great thoughts. Thanks do much for sharing. all of you guys in here have so much more experience and wisdom than I and I love soaking it up!
          I have not read Quitter, it’s on my list. And I have read “Who Moved My Cheese?” but it’s been forever ago. And I’ll have to look into getting some John Miller stuff.
          I really appreciated your outlook that there’s risk and uncertainty no matter what, it’s not like it’s only there when making a job change. We’re just lured into thinking a job is secure. That paradigm shift instantly made my outlook improve on switching careers! Thanks!

        3. @skottydog @rlawrencejr Ahhh!! You scared me positive Scott! The thought of being stuck where I am for “years and years” (or even months and months) terrifies me! Haha

        4.  @Skropp  don’t rule out the possibility that you might actually be a catalyst for positive change right where you are. It may not be possible, but when we start asking ourselves what we can do to change…(fill in the blank), sometimes the “impossible” becomes possible. 

  4. Chris, great interview!  Thanks for sharing it!   Love the reference when you said “That’s like asking a waiter ‘what’s good on the menu?'”!    Why is it always food with you?  Ha-ha!
    As you discussed, personality style is huge!   I wish we made that a mandatory component to the hiring process in our organization, not an optional one.  Currently, the DISC profile class is offered to team members in management, or team members that don’t play nice with others.   I fall into the former…..wait…..I think?  lol
    What am I passionate about?   Writing.  Teaching others about getting out of debt using Dave’s plan.   Showing others that it works, despite life’s curve balls.  We paid off nearly 100K in over four years…despite a new roof, 2 cars, an IRS audit, a job loss, a full time mom turned stay-at-home-mom, a 2nd baby, and cancer.  If we can do it, ANYONE can, and I try to encourage others and make them laugh (at me, and themselves) through the process.   Our story has been featured on Money Saving as well as some guy named Dave’s homepage!   
    The coolest thing in my life right now is being able to stay home with my kids all week, while still working full time (with the “unofficial” title of leader), and making more money in the process.   This has given me more time to focus on my blog and ebook.  
    A true “win-win”!

    1. I completely love your success story.  You will inspire others to follow you and can ask them “What’s your excuse?”   I like your blog. Your writing is a no-nonsense approach to getting on the right track.  The choices you and Kathy have made for your boys are so awesome!  When I read about you guys and the other friends with “The Blog” I just wish we all lived in the same town and could hang out once a month, because this is the kind of people I want my family to be associated with.   Thanks for your courage in sharing your story.

    2. @skottydog Man, when Chris made the food reference I thought the EXACT same thing…”all this guy talks about is food!!” I also was trying to determine how much money Chris slid across the table to get all those comments about being good looking…hahaha

  5. I know I worked an overnight shift last night, and I’m pretty tired, but does anyone else think that Andy Traub sounds a little bit like James Woods?   I’m just sayin’!

  6. ArchieWinningham

    ROCK STARS!!!!!!!! I got more than I bargained for by listening to this; Chris, Andy, AND….a bonus rock star that I didn’t know was part of the interview.. MR. ANDY TRAUB!!! WOW, what a circle of greatness, and I get to know you! Life is SOOOOO exciting!
    P.S. Andy A., I NEED your book!!! I’ll be in touch.
    Your new bud,
    -Archie from Cookeville, TN

  7. LOVE Andy Andrews!  And great interview!  Now to answer your question – I am passionate about inspiring others to be the best they can be either through speaking, writing or leading.  And the coolest (and hardest) thing in my life for the last 6 months has been writing/teaching a curriculum and designation for the employees of our company on become a Military Mortgage Specialist™ – experts on dealing with military clients and their home loans.  It has been overwhelming – but fulfilling.  (Hence my sporadic commenting lately!) 

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