Nanny update #4

Today we received great news! The MRI showed that there is no new damage other than the initial lesion. It also showed that her brain is healing. Because of that, the doctor feels that Nanny should have a really good recovery. Obviously not to what she was before, but back to having a decently normal life. Assisted living will definitely happen, and it will be a long road before she gets off of the ventilator and feeding tube, but it will happen! PRAISE GOD!!!!

We fully believe that it was the prayers of all who said them! We’re certainly not done yet, so we’ll take whatever we can get, but thank you so much for your prayers and concerns!

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4 thoughts on “Nanny update #4”

  1. This is great news Chris! I will continue to pray as God’s hand is not shortened and His ability to work miracles is greater than ours! Keep your chin up!

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