Nanny update #7

Today was a banner day! We were able to move Nanny from the Neuro ICU to a rehab hospital. She has been opening her eyes, breathing some on her own, they sat her in a chair, and nodding to commands. But getting her out of ICU was the biggest step so far. We still have a very long road ahead of us.

Currently the plan is for her to be at the rehab hospital for 60 to 90 days and then on to an assisted living facility for at least 9 months. But after this week of her going from the great news of recovering, to being on the edge of not making it through the night, to watching a critical 24 hours, to being released to a rehab hospital, we’ll take the release to the rehab hospital! PRAISE GOD!!!

Please continue to pray, but also pray for Tim Ranson for his stroke recovery, as well as Tim and Angela Riemann’s baby Eleanor! She is in a battle right now!!! If there is one thing God continues to prove, it’s that He’s a God of miracles!!!

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