A lot of you may know my Mother in law Dorothy Wood…Dot…Nanny. If you haven’t heard yet, she had a terrible accident last Thursday and I would like for you to know and pray for her. She was going out to her car that morning when one of three things happened: she had a heart attack, her blood sugar caused her to faint, or she just fell. Either way she fell, hit her head, and fractured her skull. She was taken to the hospital and was sedated. There was a lot of bleeding on her brain and some swelling as well. Since then it has been kind of a crazy waiting game. At least once a day they take her off of the sedation to see if she will wake up and respond to commands. So far she hasn’t. We haven’t received a lot of information, but today I asked the Neurosurgeon to tell us something. He shared that this is normal. That the brain will heal to a certain level of what she was before the accident, and that it only heals one percent a day for the first ninety days. Obviously, we’re hopeful and prayerful.

If you don’t know Nanny, let me say that she is an amazingly beautiful woman of God. Her heart is as big as the sky, and as full as the ocean. She loves….boy does she love; her family, her friends, strangers, and above all her God! To see her without a smile is a rare occasion. She has a way of saying the right thing at the right time, as well as a way of always messing up analogies. My favorite to quote is when she once said, “Well that’s where the rubber meets the……..sole!” Both her and her mother could hug you and pat….slap you on that soft spot above your kidneys until you had to let go. I never could understand how women so small could bring my side so much pain. 🙂 I still don’t fully understand how a woman so small could give me so much love!

She taught at Christ Church Nashville for over fifty years. It is always a treat to hear people talk about how much they loved being in Mrs. Dot’s class. And the stories of how when Donnie and Debbie were messin’ around in church how her hand would go up and a single snap of her thumb and middle finger could be heard all the way in Kentucky. Of course Pastor just thought she was praisin’ the LORD.

She also has an affinity for coins. Yes, it wasn’t uncommon to take her purse while helping her up some stairs and wonder what in the world weighed so much. It was usually about ten rolls of quarters. Everybody thinks she just loved quarters, I think it was her first line of defense. LORD knows she once laid out her brother Raymond with a piece of firewood to the head. Which he then blackmailed her for weeks and made her do all of his chores.

The recovery process is slow. We…I feel it’s still pretty vague. We do ask that you join us in praying for Nanny. We would love to see her better than she’s ever been. It’s in His hands.

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