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Fear controls. Do these fearful tactics sound all too familiar?

  • "Playing it safe" with too many decisions
  • Not holding people accountable
  • Not pursuing growth opportunities
  • Avoiding tough converations
  • Holding on to poor performers way too long

Fear can keep you from living a great life, and being successful in business and leadership.

Discover how to overcome fear and get it out of your decision-making.

Overcoming fear is only a part of the many great things you will learn. Check out the lessons in the section below.

Cindy Taylor

“After implementing the lessons from the Next-Level Leadership LIVE Event, business efficiency, team morale and motivation have increased dramatically. The team is unified and I have my life back!”

Cindy Taylor

Owner, Carolina Therapy Connection


We'll teach 5 truly transformative lessons during this event.

Core Lesson 1

Killing the Leadership Crazy Cycle

Core Lesson 2

 Creating a Culture of Champions

Core Lesson 3

Tackling Tough Conversations

Core Lesson 4


Core Lesson 5


Do you want to bring guests who are not business owners or leaders?

We are also offering Core Life Lessons on Day 1 of the event. These lessons will be on Making Stronger Decisions and Leading Yourself Better.


Most leaders are task-saturated, overwhelmed, avoiding tough conversations with team members, and feeling like they’re constantly fighting fires. Sound familiar?

You don't have time to delegate... you don't have quality time to hire the right people... you don't have time for anything else but reacting to the latest emergency. The Leadership Crazy Cycle is the key thing that is keeping you from greater growth, greater profitability, and greater productivity. Don’t live there!

The Next-Level Leadership LIVE Event is created to STOP the crazy cycles and START the best ones.

Whether you come with your entire leadership team, or just by yourself, the lessons will have you inspired and thrilled to start a different kind of business with a different kind of leadership. As a team, we have hand-crafted the lessons we will be going over for your leadership to be renewed.

meet the speakers

Chris LoCurto speaking

Chris LoCurto

Joel Fortner speaking at leadership event

Joel Fortner

Heather LoCurto speaking at leadership event

Heather LoCurto

Aaron West speaking at leadership event

Aaron West


We're a team who strives to serve people with great care and excellence, focusing on helping you be a better person and a leader. Our mission that we live out every day is to "Worship God by loving people as we guide individuals and organizations to greater perspective." As you get to know and experience us more, our hope is you'll find us to be more than just a company doling out leadership advice - you will find us to be friends, trusted advisors, and people who truly care about your well-being. We help people experience life-change that goes beyond just business and leadership. We help you find a new way of looking at and living life that ripple effects through your business and family.

chris locurto favicon

“…Chris and his staff are top-notch…best at what they do! I loved collaborating and being challenged by other business owners who want to be the best at what they do.”

Jill Boorman

CEO, Premier Physical Therapy


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From the very beginning, The Poimen Group has been all about worshipping God by loving people and guiding individuals and organizations to greater perspective. That means that we come alongside you, wherever you are in your business (whether you are just getting started or been running it for many, many years) and in your life, and provide guidance, tools, and quality perspective to help you move to the next level. As you interact with each of our team members, you will find people who care deeply about serving you with excellence and investing in you, your team, and your business!

Candice LePorte

"I look forward to the Next-Level Leadership conference every year. It's like going home! Everyone on the team knows your name and welcomes you with open arms. The wealth of knowledge I have received and implemented has been life-changing."

Candice LePorte

Frequently Asked Questions

Most attendees come in business casual, but here's the deal - we want you to be comfortable. Since many different industries are represented, then business casual may look a little different for each person. Come in whatever you are comfortable sitting in for a few days.

First off, we will provide a workbook, pen, notepad, and more. You are more than welcome to bring your own notebook and laptop or tablet (power will be provided at each table). We do encourage you to turn off notifications, though, so as to not be distracted during the event.

The event will start at 8:15 AM (Central Time) each day. On Wednesday and Thursday, we will wrap around 5:00 PM, with a lunch break between 12:00 - 1:30 PM. On Friday, we will wrap around 12:00 PM. For VIP Attendees, there will be lunch provided on Wednesday and Thursday as well as additional activities in the evening on Wednesday and Thursday.

For VIP Attendees, we will have a Gala Event at our office on Wednesday evening with some great food and entertainment. It will be a great time to socialize and connect with other leaders. On Thursday, we have a special evening planned that will be a lot of fun and a true taste of the Nashville area. For General Admission attendees, there will not be any evening events, and you are on your own for meals that evening.

The event will be held at Rolling Hills Community Church, 1810 Columbia Ave., Franklin, TN 37064. It actually has a really cool history as it used to be a factory and warehouse that have been converted and modernized to an amazing event space.


We want to absolutely make sure this event is a good fit for you and your business. Fill out the form below and a team member will set up a time to learn about your business and help you get registered.