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Remember me? Again I apologize for being so distracted. I appreciate how much you, the tribe, have kept things going in my absence. It means more to me than you can imagine. And while I’m going to try and get back into the swing of things, it will probably take a bit. So I thank you for your patience!

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The last episode of the podcast I interviewed John Maxwell. Let me say, the response was outrageous. It was the most comments on this blog of a podcast to date.

On today’s episode of the EntreLeadership Podcast, we discuss the no-gossip policy, and I interview best selling author Jon Gordon. Jon’s books consist of:

  • The No Complaining Rule
  • Training Camp
  • The Energy Bus
  • The Seed

It is a fantastic conversation that I believe you will really enjoy!

As a bonus, Jon is also giving away FIVE FREE SETS of his books! In order to qualify, you must first:

  1. Leave a comment below by answering the question.
  2. Fill out the contact form. Don’t put your mailing info in the comment.
  3. Tweet a link to this post. Click to Tweet. If you don’t have Twitter, you can use Facebook.

I will pick the winners on October 12 based on the comments and promotion of the post. If you are selected, I will notify you by email. Thanks everyone!

Question: Why do you need a set of Jon’s books?



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Chris has a heart for changing lives by helping people discover the life and business they really want.

Decades of personal and leadership development experience, as well as running multi-million dollar businesses, has made him an expert in life and business coaching. personality types, and communication styles.

Growing up in a small logging town near Lake Tahoe, California, Chris learned a strong work ethic at home from his full-time working mom. He began his leadership and training career in the corporate world, starting but at E'TRADE.

44 thoughts on “No Gossip Policy”

  1. Wow Chris. What a wonderful surprise today.

    You and Jon Gordon. Dang.

    I love Jon Gordon. I mean…Thank You Thursdays…totally stole that from him.

    I’ve read The Energy Bus and loved it. I would love to read his other stuff as well. Just haven’t gotten around to it.

    Plus I could SHARE The Energy Bus with someone else (I have a hard time giving away my books because I usually read them 3-20 times if they don’t suck).

    Jon is a treasure. He is a great story-teller with a message, very much like Patrick Lencioni, Andy Andrews, or Paulo Coelho. I was just drawn enough into the story to be intrigued but not so much that I missed the message.

    They’ll all be read before the New Year, that is for sure.

  2. Chris – good to have you 1/2 back, really 1/2 of you is all I need! I can’t keep up with the full blown Chris anyway. Just and FYI October 12th is gone if you meant November 12th for the giveaway

    1. After you fill the form out, it says “I will be picking the winners by Oct 26, 2012. If you are a winner, I will notify you shortly there after.”

  3. Loved this podcast! I always find myself complaining to people that can’t do anything about it. I need to take my complaints, find options to solve the problem and do something about it. I bet Jon Gordon’s book would help enmensely.

  4. Chris, your family has been in my prayers. Hope your stepdaughter is progressing well in her full recovery!!

    I need Jon’s books because I still have soooooo much to learn about how to prepare to expand my business! And I really learn best by reading, highlighting, re-reading, setting new goals based on what I’m reading…

  5. Been praying for you and your family Chris – and while it was so amazing to get an e-mail update saying your blog has updated, I totally and completely know where you really need to be. Blogs can wait – the people in your family can’t. We’ll all be here for you when you get fully back!

  6. I just began reading some of Jon’s books and love them. I would love to read more, especially since I just earned my first leadership role.

  7. I’d LOVE a set of Jon’s books to continue to learn about the best ways to lead and to share this with others so we can build an outstanding culture at work and carry it over to our family and our community. I’ll prepare great slideshows and teach this stuff to my team… :0)

    I’ve seen the devastating effects of gossip. I’ve been the target and I agree that zero-tolerance is the only way to deal with it. Finding the cause should be the first step. Sadly, most fingers point at the leader. Bad hiring, bad communication, bad culture will help gossip grow like fungus. I say have a good sit-down, talk with your team and take out the antimicrobial wipes to scrub things clean and start over. Hard lessons to learn. I wish I would’ve known how to deal with this when I encountered this problem.

    Thanks for a GREAT episode.

    Your family is in our prayers daily!!

  8. i loved listening to the podcast. I’d never heard of Jon till today!! Loved the simple profound insight he gave… Would love to grab a copy of his books as well. Esp the no complaining rule.. oh boy!! do i get stuck in the grumbling runt sometimes!!

  9. This was a timely topic for me. I am in the process of taking a management position which is a large step up for me and managing the culture will be a new challenge for me. Moving from a pure production/sales role, my complaints only go one way at this time – internal! I have only myself to blame or praise. I know KRA’s will be in full effect for my new team and I’ll be re-learning many of your insightful podcast lessons in many areas. My personality and drive sometimes make me less than forgiving and it can be hard for me to relate to others who are not naturally ‘on the bus’ and ‘coach’ culture since many elements of it come instinctually for me. I know I must learn to be intentional in leading with culture in mind and Jon’s books sound like the Rx for success in my new role.

  10. Another great podcast! I love Dave’s love: “I’ll warn you once. Then I’ll fire your butt!”

    There were a lot of great nuggets to dig out. Can’t wait to listen to it again.

    I need these books to help me. I can use the extra reminders and helpful points. I would also use them to help others I work with and my kids. I’ve been working on trying to help them not complain about everything and to be grateful instead.

  11. Wow! Great podcast today. I recently was appointed as the Lead Pastor of a small church. The transition has been difficult to say the least. Dave hit the nail on the head when he talked about people gossiping and complaining and disguising it as prayer requests. We really love the people in the church and I believe Jon’s books would help me to help them move forward into what God has for us next. God bless.

  12. Thanks for the inteview, this set of books could help me answer some of the following questions I have.
    How many other people/companies on here have a no gossip policy? And how did you go about putting the program in place?
    It sounds like an awesome idea, and it sounds like it works great for the Dave Ramsey team. I could see a huge benefit here at my company, but not sure yet how to get it started. I have been thinking of first starting with my team and then with success it would move to other departments.
    I recently read one of Jon’s other books Soup and it was an excellent book. I can imagine this set of books would be very valuable to anyone. Thanks for this opportunity.

  13. Geez Chris and Jon, that’s pretty darn generous of you guys!

    Jon’s a great guy and puts out a ton of great content.

    To be honest, I don’t need a set of Jon’s books. But it would be nice to have them. I believe that I could learn a lot from him, especially in the area of being positive and encouraging. It’s an area that I lack and one that he seems to excel in.

  14. I’ve recently began reading books instead of watching TV. Last year I read 19 books and I read 30+ books this year. I’d like Jon’s books for my 2013 reading list. I plan to read 40 books next year to improve my life and those I can impact.

    1. That is an impressive amount of reading, that goes well with the motto from Harry Truman “Not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers.” I have been working on reading more over the last year but I haven’t done that well.

  15. As I lead the team with highest attrition in my organization, I would love to apply Jon’s principles to steer a turnaround.
    My prime focus is to conquer negativity and inspire others to adopt a positive attitude in the immediately. As I aim to bring out the best in myself and my team, I would love to assist my team members in finding their passion and purpose in life and regain their mojo spirit in their life.

  16. I am a grandfather of 12 (7 boys and 5 girls). We have a wonderfully open association with all of our children, their spouses, and their children. I recently accepted a new leadership assignment in our church, with ministering responsibility for over a dozen families. I would love a set of Jon’s books to help give me a deeper understanding about how to bless the lives of these good people. Thanks for the great work you are doing!

  17. I just joined a very small company after serving in the Army for over
    thirty years; I thought it was just an “Army” thing to complain (as a
    Soldier we always complained, but ALWAYS executed it as we owned the
    idea) I find in the small company I joined, it was human nature and not
    just and Army thing. I’ve applied many of the things from the entre leader podcast and book in my new career and also as a father.

    I’d also like to use the book for our reference for for our men’s group at church as we look at our Blue Print fr Life.

  18. “In great cultures, it’s not just on paper, it comes alive in the hearts and minds of the people that work there” – love this. We have decided that for any issue or problem, we need to bring 3 options – no complaining or whining, just bring 3 possible solutions. The books would allow me to influence my team and help increase the level of praise and celebration rather than complaining.

  19. Missing your posts, but completely understand where your focus needs to be.
    We are in a situation to start “re-“building our department with all new staff and Jon’s books would give a great foundation to build from (along with this blog and Dave’s Entreleadership)
    Thanks for all you do!

  20. I am a youth and high school baseball coach. Coaching is a very powerful platform to impact young people. I want to teach my players how to become better baseball players, but more importantly I want to teach them to be leaders who are making the people around them better. I love teaching them baseball, but my true purpose and passion in coaching is to teach my players life and raise up the next generation of leaders who will be coaches, fathers, co-workers, and husbands. Jon Gordon’s books could be a huge help for me because they would provide me with some resources that would better equip me to invest in my players.

    Thanks, Chris. I hope you are well and am praying for you as I type this.

    1. Matt, I coach youth hockey and baseball teams as well and it definitely puts you in a very powerful position with these kids. I have learned that a lot of things I work on in regards to leadership apply to my coaching, and there are things like continually encouraging, congratulating and instructing that I do with the kids while coaching that I also have to do with my team. It is amazing how every leadership skill you learn applys to coaching a team or helping your kids.
      As with Chris I am sure God has helped him through this difficult time but also the leadership skills he has learned through books like these from Jon are also valuable in working through some of lifes challenges.

  21. Isaac In Montana


    This is off subject, but I listen to your Entreleadership podcast diligently. You made a comment about how John Mayer’s song “Walt Grace’s Submarine Ride” was tragic because he did not include his family in his life and decisions. I used to love that song, and you cast it in a whole new light for me. Now I can’t stand it! Get out of my head bro, leave my music alone lol.

    Love your pod cast and how it challenges me.


    Isaac in Montana

  22. John is super wise. I want to be a leader who empowers students to become passionate, purposeful, and generous. To become a leader, I read books from wise men like Collins, Rath, Covey, Carnegie, and Maxwell.
    Thank you Locurto and Maxwell for offering this awesome contest

  23. Jon is super wise. I want to be a leader who empowers students to become passionate, purposeful, and generous. To become a leader, I read books from wise men like Collins, Rath, Covey, Carnegie, and Maxwell. I’d love the opportunity to read more to apply more wisdom in my life.
    Thank you Locurto and Gordon for offering this awesome contest

  24. I would love a copy of Jon’s books because I currently work in a couple non-profit organizations that is in DESPERATE need of a change in culture! Having little money myself (working on the Dave Ramsey plan to get out of debt), I would overwhelming love and appreciate the wisdom contained in the books to put them into practice in the two organizations (I am “second-in-charge” of one and am confident that God can use me to truly institute change throughout the organization). Excited about the opportunity! Thanks Chris!!

  25. I would love a set of John’s books to add to the collection of books that my management team and I are reading and discussing to continue to grow us all as better leaders. The work that you are doing and the people that you interview continue to provide us with the opportunity to grow and get exposure to talented leaders that we may not have had the opportunity to do so.
    Thank you so much for all your work!!!

  26. Super interview! I added these books to my Amazon wish list. The throwing up analogy is wonderful! I have used that with my team in our past two meetings.

    Also the statement of 80% don’t care and 20% like it that you have problems is a eye opener to my own future choice of words.

    Thanks Chris! Loved it!

  27. I would love a set of Jon’s books to aid give me a deeper understanding about how to bless the lives of these good people. thanks a million for the most powerful work you are doing!I have been thinking of first starting with my team and then with acomplishment it would move to other departments.

  28. the people in your family can’t. We’ll all be here for you as you get exceedingly back! I recently accepted a new leadership assignment in our church, with ministering responsibility for over a dozen families.

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