49 | Parents, Kids, Conflict… OH MY

We are talking about conflict in the family on todays show. More specifically – How do I get my children to get along?

We naturally think ” my kids should just get along.” But we have to remember that with kids it’s no different than the people you work with.

The reason why kids (or anybody else) are in conflict is because they don’t understand each other.

Translating that into business and for your team, when we have two people that are in conflict, almost every time it comes down to the simplicity of not understanding each others personality styles.

So first off, you have to know what personality style your kids are. You do know what your kids personality styles are…don’t you?

Next you have to explain to the kids what the other siblings personality styles are. Explain to them what matters most to each sibling, why that’s important to them, where they struggle, etc.

When you do that you change the communication inside the family.

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Question: So…pop quiz – What personality styles do you have in your family?



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3 thoughts on “49 | Parents, Kids, Conflict… OH MY”

  1. Chris
    My two boys are 11 and 13. If I had them take the DISC profile would it be accurate? I’m not sure the questions would make sense to them.

  2. William Edmondson

    Me: D and I
    Wife: 100% D
    Daughter 1: C and S
    Daughter 2: Complete I
    Daughter 3: I and S

    Makes for interesting mealtimes

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