38 | Personal Accountability with John Miller

John G. Miller, the best-selling author of QBQ! The Question Behind the Question, Outstanding! and Flipping the Switch, joins me on the podcast to talk about personal accountability and responsible parenting. QBQ has been a huge part everything I’ve done and I firmly believe in the message of personal accountability in business and in life.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • The QBQ message and how it applies to your business, team and life.
  • How to have personality accountability and the questions we must ask ourselves.
  • How “why” questions take us to victim thinking, “when” questions take us to procrastination, “who” questions take us to blame and how to turn them into questions behind the question.
  • How to hire people with the QBQ mindset and bring the concept to your team.
  • Understanding entitlement and how to overcome the entitled mindset.
  • Parenting the QBQ way and why our children are a product of our parenting.
  • Strong parenting vs. weak parenting and how bullying starts at home.
  • The different between parenting children and relating to adult children.

The biggest takeaway of the QBQ message can be answered by asking yourself this question: “Who have I been trying to fix?” Every single one of us has someone in our lives that’s disappointed or frustrated us. When we can let it go and “work on me,” our entire perspective changes.

Question:  How has the QBQ message changed your business and life?

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32 thoughts on “38 | Personal Accountability with John Miller”

  1. The company I work for offered QBQ training a couple of years ago. The phrase “Procrastionation: The Friend of Failure” helped me curb a bad habit. My DISC assessment shows that I’m a high S and C personality. I want to know ALL the details before I make a decision. At times, I’ve used it as an excuse to put off taking care of difficult or touchy work. QBQ helped me stop justifying my procrastination.

  2. Thanks so much for this Chris. You and John are a terrific combo in talking through QBQ. Glad I made the decision to incorporate this podcast into my day!

  3. The number one core value of my business is “Own It”. (You are responsible for you. Own your actions and decisions.) That came as a direct result of my experience in reading QBQ. I have always felt that personal accountability is important, but QBQ made me realize that it isn’t just important, it is absolutely crucial and foundational.

      1. Thanks for the compliment! All 4 of my core values are a 2 word combo which makes them super easy to remember and refer to. Of course the explanation of each is longer, but it makes them catchy.

  4. I’m such a QBQ fan. I read both the original and the for parenting version and am applying personal accountability principals to my marriage. Such an incredible message that can positively impact every relationships, business or personal. Can’t wait to listen on my ride home from work today!

  5. What a great interview. I am going to get this into the hands of my 17 year old son but you can lead a 17 year old to a book but you cant make him read it…lol. He surrounded by the victim mentality at school like the teacher did not GIVE me the grade I needed or the teacher makes the test too hard ect. I what him to ask the QBQ and over come the situations…..Thanks Chris I love and appreciate the pod cast

  6. Barry Mastrantonio

    “We were built to work and sweat. Not to sit on the couch and collect unemployment.” Amen and thank you John. Maybe if Americans would recognize this, we may once again be a great country.

  7. GREAT podcast! I don’t know how often you will be doing interview styled podcast but they work best for me. Why? It’s because you are such an awesome interviewer. You got good questions that makes me think and the interviewer to think and bring out good answers that makes me think and act upon as well. That combination works real well on the podcast for me. But I’m just one guy in the tribe. I listen to every podcast, I tend to only comment on the ones that make me reconsider what I am doing that can be better. NICE! CLO IN THE HOUSE!!!!

  8. Fantastic information guys! The “what/how – can I – take action” framework is SO powerful!

    We’ve banned who/why/when victim questions from our house. It’s amazing how easy it is to fall into the trap. (I’m talking to you, guy in the mirror! )

    Thanks Chris! Thanks John!

  9. Heather Westman

    QBQ has been on my reading list, just haven’t been able to get to it yet. After listening to this podcast, it’s getting moved up the list. And I have to add QBQ parenting to the list. It did bring up a question, as I have fairly young children (oldest is 10). Is there a book out there for the younger age levels where I could introduce the QBQ concepts to them?

    1. Hey Heather, I truly believe that as you read QBQ, you will find it is applicable to ALL ages. It’s really about replacing the normal questions about others, and asking what I can or could have done. You’ll love it!

  10. I love the QBQ message! I find myself getting frustrated at others that don’t take personal accountability for themselves. I have to remember that I can’t change them, just take care of myself.

  11. The message of Personal Accountability is THE most important topic individuals and organizations need to hear. It is the root of outstanding organizations and, if practiced top down, can positively impact the overall culture of the organization. I’ve had the opportunity to be part of the strategic planning in the IT branch of the state agency where I’m currently employed. Part of the strategy includes developing a “Culture of Excellence” and accountability is at the top of the list to make it happen.
    Thanks John and Chris for all your contributions to this field and also for helping me in my own personal growth and insights into life, leadership and the pursuit of excellence.

  12. Chris and John,
    I listened to this today on along drive home and absolutely loved it! I’ve had some internal dialogue about my leadership skills at work and as a father and this podcast touched on all that and more. One thing that hit me was the discussion on people teaching millennials to take advantage of employers. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised based on what I have seen but connected this as one more way the younger generations are being negatively influenced instead of positively influenced.

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