8 | Procrastinate on Purpose with Rory Vaden

New York Times best-selling author, speaker, radio show host, genius, and all-around great guy, Rory Vaden, joins me today on The Chris LoCurto show. Rory talks about his upcoming book, Procrastinate On Purpose, and how to manage life and business in our overly busy and constantly connected lives.

Check out this great interview!

If you haven’t read Rory’s last book, Take the Stairs: 7 Steps to Achieving True Success, get your copy today!

Question: What tools, apps, or programs do you use to automate re-occurring tasks?




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Chris has a heart for changing lives by helping people discover the life and business they really want.

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18 thoughts on “8 | Procrastinate on Purpose with Rory Vaden”

  1. Great talk this morning Chris! This takes the quadrants of task/life management to whole new level! I also think one more could be added which is Simplify. I know I have a tendency to make the simple complicated and I am constantly looking how I simplify all l that I have to do! Thank you Rory and thank you Chris for another great start to the day!

  2. Well this really hit home. I identified with Rory on so many levels, especially in terms of the natural ability to consider the long term. When explained this 3rd dimension of time management in exploring the “significance” factor, i immediately realized that this was something i connected with. I never consciously could pinpoint it, but I constantly go back to the mentality that: The “now” is never going to be as good as the “later” can be if i dont keep the “later” in check or in view right “now”. (You with me? Wow…this is deep stuff! Ha!) I feel strongly that exploring the area of the “Significance of time” has great potential power in taking growth to the next level. A better to-do list technique, prioritizing time, or becoming a more efficient, productive person isnt all we hv to work with here. You are right, there is ALWAYS more potential and more things to do! There truly is more to this time management thing than meets the eye. We must multiply time! I think procrastinating on purpose is truly a real, solid piece to managing the days God has us here on earth. Thank you Chris for bringing Rory along side in providing a perspective that your listeners really needed to hear. K

    1. Glad you connect with the “Significance” concept. I’m thinking more and more that it will be a key concept of the book. 😉 Thanks for the encouragement!

  3. Great podcast. I listened to it twice! Looking forward to the next one. I like the discussion about multiplying your time. This is something that I am actively working on. I am experimenting with a couple of new tools. The verdict is still out on them but they seem to have promise. They are Shoeboxed and SweetProcess. The first one is a tool to wrangle receipts……..an activity I spend way too much valuable time on. SweetProcess is a way to document your Standard Operating Procedures so you can delegate and then track that they were actually done. Multiplying my time is important to me because I need to spend my time on things that really matter that can’t be delegated.

  4. I’m pretty sure this is my favorite episode to date, Chris! I don’t even know what to call out as my take-a-way. Rory, my daughter read a book a month for six months recently, and the first one she asked for by name was Take the Stairs. It’s getting moved up on my priority list now. Can’t wait to hear part 2!

    1. So glad to hear that Amber! Chris and I had a blast and this is a REALLY early look at this next book so I’m so encouraged by your feedback!

        1. Do I know Jeff Dobyns?!?! Ha! Of course I know Jeff Dobyns. He is one of our fellow company leaders here at Southwestern and I believe Dave Ramsey’s oldest Endorsed Local Provider. He is totally my guy! How do you know him?

          1. One of the oldest, yes. My wife was his advisor at Lampo. In fact, if he was licensed in Indiana, we would use him. Great guy.

            Not sure if you know Kay, but she used to date my dad like 20 years ago 🙂

          2. Wild. Small world! I’m not familiar with Kay but if I meet her I’ll tell her your dad says hello. Lol.

  5. This is an incredibly powerful couple of podcasts. A LOT of excellent content here.

    The two KEY takeaways I’ve never heard anywhere else before were:

    Is it:
    • Important?
    • Urgent? (not just latest and loudest)
    (both short term & long term)

    Multiplier funnel for getting even more done:
    • Eliminate
    • Automate
    • Delegate
    • Procrastinate on purpose (decide to do it later on purpose)
    • Concentrate

    +1 on wanting transcripts. An added bonus for you if you add transcripts is that it should help your site SEO / increase site traffic. 🙂

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