75 | Q&A: Are You at a Career Crossroad?

career crossroad?

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Are you at a crossroad in your career?

On today’s show I answer a question that came in from a listener regarding how to transition out a job and into entrepreneurship.

Are you feeling like God may have something bigger for you?
Are you afraid of making the leap?
If you’re getting the tug from God that it’s time to move on –  this episode is specifically for you.

If God is calling you to transition then He will make a way BUT it has to be on His timing.

Are you in a transition right now? Do you feel like God is leading you in another direction?
Let me know in the comments how can I help.


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5 thoughts on “75 | Q&A: Are You at a Career Crossroad?”

  1. Chris,

    How do I know God is tugging me and in what direction? I have been praying about this and understanding my own mind telling me vs knowing it is God. Is God telling me to change the way I run this business or sell it and help someone else grow there business. I am trying to listen and am praying but I keep hearing all these options. He is giving me contracts and other blessing in my company. There are also challenges and I am making personal adjustments to conquer them, but I can’t hear the message. Tips? Thanks!

    1. As a Child of God I know the Verse in Rom 8:28 but it’s hard in the moment to relies that “All things work together for our good”. My Dad told me many years ago “When in doubt do without”. I now know that when I do not have that inner peace about something it usually means I need to wait. I want my life to be for God’s glory. -Daniel

    2. I have been going through the same thing. I felt pulled in so many directions. My business wasn’t failing, but it wasn’t growing. So I started looking for a different career. I am always very guilty of waiting for God so much that I procrastinate. I’ve heard that we need to wait on God, but He also wants us to make decisions on our own. Plus we can’t sit around waiting on God. We need to do work, sometimes LOTS of it. After I started looking for a different job and actually applying to different places, I felt even more confused. (Answer!) After looking back at the business, I felt more peaceful. Now I know I just need to push those voices out of my head and go forward with focusing solely on the business.

      Another thing that I did was to step back and act like I was counseling a friend going through the same situation. I told myself to get back to work.

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