Rabbi Daniel Lapin Interview

This week’s episode of the EntreLeadership Podcast, in my estimation, is one of the best episodes ever!

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I had the absolute privilege of interviewing Rabbi Daniel Lapin. And let me say, it’s powerful! I won’t go into too much detail, but it’s goooooooood!

On top of that, I’m giving away free copies of his book, Thou Shall Prosper: Ten Commandments for Making MoneyOne of my top three books of all time!

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Question: Why would you like Thou Shall Prosper?



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69 thoughts on “Rabbi Daniel Lapin Interview”

  1. I’ve heard of Thou Shalt Prosper and also a few other Jewish business/finances/wealth books. I’ve been DYING to get my hands on at least ONE. All I have been able to read are samples of these books. I believe God has given these folks–His first people–solid principles in the money department. They KNOW the laws and principles of finances better than anyone else on the planet. And it’s not just “because they are good with money” as the stereo types go. They are still covered by covenant with God so they are good at it. I would love to hear any business advice from, especially a Rabbi!

  2. I would like a copy of this book because today is my Birthday Today! It would be a great gift for me and my wife of 6 months because we are starting FPU and working on prospering with money. I love the podcast Chris keep up the great work!

  3. I loved this interview and agree that it is one of the best. Can’t wait to read the book. I briefly studied Hebrew a few years ago and am also looking forward to read his book Buried Treasure.

  4. Great interview! I would like this book b/c it is on my reading list as part of the 18 books I set as a goal to read for the year!!!

  5. Another wonderful interview. Thank you Chris and crew.
    I would like this book to give it as a gift to my Pastor.
    After hearing this episode I shall be checking out my copy that I heavily marked up/underlined in.
    This is a message we need to spread.

    K, bye

  6. The study of the original language is awesome. There is a reason the language hasn’t changed, neither have the principles!

  7. I would like to win Rabbi Daniel Lapin’s book, “Thou Shall Prosper” because Rabbi Lapin has an abundance of wisdom, and has a wealth of knowledge.

  8. I found the interview to be very profound and motivating. I feel that as Christians, we need to understand that God wants us to be successful, not saying that we are all going to be millionaires or even make a 6 figure income, but I am saying that he wants us to find success. This comes from be happy in our work and feeling joy when we get paid, or hit a bonus, or get a raise. We need to know the importance and learn the joys of taking whatever we make and sharing that with others and that brings joy to us because thats what we should be doing as Gods people. I feel Rabbi Daniel Lapin explained that very well. I want to dig deeper into his knowledge to expand my wisdom to be better with Gods blessings and to love others more with those blessings.

  9. I would like a copy of Thou Shall Prosper because I am continuing looking at following God’s word in all areas of my life and would like to hear from a Jewish scholar’s perspective on how God would like us to handle his money.

  10. I love that he brings out a Jewish perspective on Biblical principles. Especially the principle about giving leading to wealth, not something that comes after wealth.

    I would like this book to help get a better grasp on how money works.

  11. I would like a copy because growing up I belive that i have had a poisonus view of money and have been taught it is evil. As a young professional starting my own business I believe this could be a tool for me to serve others better and to show me that money is a blessing.

  12. I would like a copy of Thou Shall Prosper because I have come to the painful realization that, while I am knowledgeable about many things, I am excessively ignorant about financial matters. I am looking for someone much smarter than I to teach me, and my mind was completely blown listening to this podcast. I have found my teacher.

  13. I would be interested in the book Thou Shall Prosper as I am really interested in understanding the Jewish prospective on dealing with financial matters. I have been a fan of the Rabbi and appreciate his insight into dealing with money as an aspect of service. Really good stuff.

  14. If I so happen won this book instead of buying it, I would love to use these principles in our Christian wilderness retreat center. Even being a non-prophet, you really need to know how to run a ethical business. Plus I’m sure this book would meld with the Monk and the Merchant!

  15. I would be very interested in reading Thou Shall Prosper, the handling of money especially when it comes to applying biblical principles would be of great value. This is obviously an area where a lot of companies struggle. Just being able to learn and apply some of these principles discussed would be very exciting, this looks to be a highly regarded and recommended read. Thanks for the interview.

  16. I CAN’T WAIT to listen to this interview since I am in the middle of reading the book now! I ordered a copy from Amazon because it would be wrong to steal the library copy and then mark it up and dog ear it too. 😎

    His teaching about wealth not being evil is the reverse of the societal messages I’ve been subconsciously absorbing. It is past time for me to begin valuing my work properly, and I’m looking to Rabbi Lapin for wisdom in this matter.

  17. I would like a copy of the book because I’ve heard so many good things about it and this book is on my book list for the year to read. I also know that the Jewish principles for stewardship are timeless and effective.

  18. I would LOVE a copy of the book to replace the copy I gave (after devouring it) to a neighbor who refused to accept payment after fixing my car because to him it “felt weird!” There’s a hole on my bookshelf that is screaming for “Thou Shall Prosper” to fill it!

  19. Great interview. The title “Thou Shall Prosper” reminds me of one of the most frequently repeated phrases in the Book of Mormon, that if you keep God’s commandments, you will prosper in the land. It does amaze me how in the Old Testament, New Testament, and Book of Mormon, God makes it clear that he wants us to be successful and happy. So why do so many people fight against that and deny their happiness and wealth that is theirs if they just accept it?

    Thank you again for the great interview and I love hearing these podcasts and my reading list keeps getting longer as a result. Keep up the great work. If you give me a free copy of Rabbi Lapin’s book, great. I’ll be grateful. If not, I’ll still buy one.

  20. Jewish culture has always been a curiosity for me. And from the reviews I’ve read, this book addresses many of the cultural perspectives regarding money from a Jewish perspective. Great interview, BTW.

  21. I am incredibly intrigued by the concept of a dollar being a certificate of serving my fellow man. I was in business for myself and it failed – largely because, I believe, I was chasing money and not seeking to serve my neighbor. Add to that, as I attempted to sell my construction projects, I was almost embarrassed to reveal my price (the money, not the service) to my customer. I’d love to learn more about Rabbi Lapin’s equating money to rewards for service. It has already radically changed how I look at money. I have always been eager to serve my customers.

  22. I would like Thou Shall Prosper because I believe it will help guide me thru the coming years with wisdom of a sucessful person. I hope it inspires me to take the leap into my own side business.

  23. I have enjoyed Rabbi Lapin’s blog posts and his book has been on my list to buy for some time now. I hope to pass it along when I am finished.

  24. I thought this was a fabulous, insightful interview. I’ve heard Dan Miller quote Rabbi Lapin previously, and after hearing this podcast I’d love to be able to soak up more of the Rabbi’s wisdom!

  25. This was a great interview, loved it!!! Thanks for having the Rabbi on. Particularly liked his point about original Hebrew not having a word for retirement, it’s not that you have to do the same work your whole life it’s just that you should never stop contributing. Loved that! Great interview, keep ’em coming.

  26. Understanding biblical principles is one thing, living them is another…that is what I received from this podcast. His interview reminded me of a quote God gave me before the new year. “Living is nothing without the ability to give the LIFE you are here to LIVE.” My purpose in receiving this book is to have the ability to a getting better understanding so that I can give to my children the wisdom needed. Therefore creating a cycle of giving, because they will do what you do. My children are the next generation and to me creating an environment of giving for their generation will encourage them to build for the next. Our God is a generational God. So as He is, so should we be. Thank you Chris for helping me break a generational curse on my family.

  27. Eric Bissonnette

    I want to see what all the hype is about and have advice from the World’s Rabbi! It would extend my library of Dave Ramsey suggested books… Thank you for the great interview!

  28. Fantastic interview! One of my all time favorite podcasts! This interview brought a whole new prospective about tithing to my attention. I can’t wait to read this book!

  29. I’ve been a long time fan of Dave Ramsey and listened to the EntreLeadership podcast from day one. Financial Peace University has reshaped our family and approach to money. I would like Thou Shalt Prosper because I’m interested in learning strategies to build wealth so we can give more to others. Beyond the financial freedom we’ve gained through Dave Ramsey’s principals the ability to make a difference is one of the greatest gifts.

  30. Hi Chris,
    I would like “Thou Shall Prosper” because it emodies service. I am close to receiving my degree and pursuing a leadership position and I believe this book would be an outstanding resource for me to hit the ground running. I can’t think of a better way to be successful than doing it by serving others.
    Outstanding interview!

  31. I listened to the podcast with Rabbi Daniel Lapin on it, and I think his book would be beneficial in cementing my mindset regarding money. I’d love to have a copy of this book.

  32. Revolutionary! Great to hear such a freeing and inspiring message. Loved the part about retirement…..my wife and I always say, “stay useful stay youthful” so true in the light of knowing that its all about service!

    Would love to read more of his and his wife’s thoughts!

  33. The Jewish concept of money and how it relates to religion is just incredible. I’ve listened to many Podcasts and read many books on the subject matter but this is the first time where I was overly inspired by everything Rabbi Daniel Lapin spoke of. Especially his take on retirement saying, “you are not working to serve other human beings, you’re working for what you can get.” I absolutely love that idea and how it corresponds to another thing he said, which is, “You are serving God by serving his children.” I would love to get a hold of Rabbi Daniel Lapin’s book. I feel it can be that spark that will inspire me to start my business and start helping others.

  34. I would love a copy of Thou Shall Prosper and be able to finally read and see what the hype and great reviews have been about. I loved the interview and it gave me a good insight and challenged me. As I new entrepreneur I would love to have this to help establish a good biblical foundation along with Dave’s book. Keep up the great work Chris & Entreleadership team.

  35. I have a young staff of college students. We lease apartments but that is less relevant than what our biggest purpose is. This book teaches that business, and the act of honorably providing a product or service, is more than a job. It teaches that business is noble and is a way we challenge ourselves to be noble. I wants staff to see that business isn’t bad, only those who mis use it. In their early 20’s I have a chance to teach them more than how to sell but also how that ties into something bigger. Rabbi Lapin’s book will help me help my staff.

  36. His book is an forgotten way to look at money. I would like to have his book as another tool help teach my 9 month old son where money (certificates of service) comes from as he grows. Love love love that podcast! Thanks.

  37. I’m still trying to figure out how to get the Podcasts to play on my device. One reason I would like the book is that it is the old-fashioned method of communication…:-) In all seriousness, though, based on everything I have read on the comment page, Rabbi Dan Lapin sounds like a very inspiring and practical gentleman with sound advice. One of the comments that jumped out at me was his pointing out that there is not a word for retirement in the Bible. That was exciting for me to read. I am 58, and have had the privilege of raising three wonderful daughters. Our youngest will graduate this year from HS; just got back last night from taking middle one back to school. I mention these things because for women especially, I think we focus on our children while they’re growing up, as well as wanting to care for our parents. But for myself, I have many things I still want to do. My profession is in music, and I have had a lot of nice opportunities. I feel kind of like a racehorse, waiting to burst out of the gate to finish some of my projects. These projects all have a cultural and even moral purpose, and I decided some time ago that they were basically initiatives, thus the birth of my arts initiative business. When I started hearing the word retirement in my 50’s, I was literally kind of puzzled and surprised ’cause it was so far from my thinking. In fact, I have a Michelangelo project for myself (after all, that gives me almost 20 years, if the Lord gives me good health:-)). There are so many people who contributed in great ways in their older years. Interesting that the Rabbi makes this comment about the Bible….certainly that is true for many of the foundational Bible personages (Abraham, Sarah, Moses, and just having celebrated the beautful story of Simeon holding Baby Jesus before he died). It sounds like Rabbi Lapin teaches both facets of making money, both to help yourself and your family, but also to use it to help others, even in the sense of the actual work that you do. “Stay useful, stay youthful” will be a new quote to inspire me! I look forward to reading the book in 2013, and to mastering the Podcast feature….after all, gotta keep up with the times….I did become a Tweet! Thanks for EL’s support.

  38. I am interested in learning the timeless management principals, Rabbi Lapin speaks to on your podcast. As a young manager of about 200 employees, we all need more common sense in our businesses today. Thanks for the podcast Chris, I bought Dave’s entreleadership because of it, can’t quite afford a master series event but I have looked into it. Maybe in a few years with some money making tips from this book.

  39. I would like the book because as a young student, I feel It would help me to not only learn about the various aspects of money, but it would help me to make an enormous shift in my life for the better. This is the first time I’ve ever heard of Rabbi Daniel Lapin and I was blown away at the interview.

  40. My husband and I started our chiropractic business a year ago and have made it through the birthing pains onto the crawling and walking phases. After taking FPU 6 months ago, we are on fire to do things right in our business finances too! This book would be a great tool in our financial tool box!

  41. This EntreLeadership podcast was excellent – it brought me to your website for the interview portion. I would like the book to learn more about the Rabbi’s views about earning money. It was a refreshing view espacially when many are trying to demonize those who work hard and become wealthy.

  42. I would like this book because I work for the federal government and I believe that this book will help me be better salt and light in an environment that is dark and tasteless.

  43. Chris, I’m behind. I’m sorry. But I wanted to let you know that I listened to this interview yesterday and WOW!! unbelievable! I had not listened to Rabbi Lapin before. I’ve heard of him, but had never heard and interview or read any of his work!
    I was floored with the down to earth wisdom he conveys! It just makes sense and I can’t believe I’ve missed so much of it!
    I would love this book because I can’t wait to learn more of what he has to say and how I can change how I, and my family, look at money and work.
    But if I dont get a copy I’ll certainly be headed to the library to check out a copy when one comes in!
    Thanks Chris!

  44. I have been following Rabbi Lapin for awhile. The Jewish perspective of life has intrigued me for some time. I love the tagline on his website “Modern Problems Ancient Solutions”. The wisdom he speaks always deeply resonates with me. I borrowed this book from the library but wasn’t able to finish it & the book is so popular I had to put a hold on it so it will be weeks before I see it again (*sigh*).What a treat to have my own copy to highlight & write in the margins! :0)

  45. I have been following Rabbi Lapin for awhile. The Jewish perspective of life has intrigued me for some time. I love the tagline on his website “Modern Problems Ancient Solutions”. The wisdom he speaks always deeply resonates with me. I borrowed this book from the library but wasn’t able to finish it & the book is so popular I had to put a hold on it so it will be weeks before I see it again (*sigh*).What a treat to have my own copy to highlight & write in the margins! :0)

  46. I loved Rabbi Lapin’s perspective that business people are not the enemy, in fact, they are going much farther towards serving their fellow human beings than the misnamed “public servants.”

  47. I would like to read this book because at 42 I still have a lot to learn. I am so enthralled by glimpse of the Rabbi’s teachings from the podcast that I will purchase the book should I not win.

  48. I really want to find out the degree to which anti-semitism is still in existence, no… j/k. I really want to know more about the family practices of teaching family and raising children with the perspective of understanding money, practically.

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