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Have you considered that being rich has far more to do with your heart than your wallet? Author Matt Ham joins us on the show to talk about redefining what “rich” is and how to have a rich life. Through borrowed wisdom and perspective, Matt dives into the RICH principles to create a deeper, more well-rounded life:

R – Recognize you’re broken

I – Invest in others

C – Choose gratitude

H – Humble yourself with confidence

Matt’s new book, Redefine Rich, addresses these principles through amazing stories of people daring to live richly. In this interview, we discuss:

  • How to look at your life with purpose and perspective
  • Having confidence in our gifts because they have been given to us by God
  • Living out what we’ve been given
  • How to move past force of habit thinking and be intentional
  • Why giving is always better than having

“Giving liberates the soul of the giver.” – Maya Angelou

We are made rich, in every way, to share our generosity with others and that is the purpose of richness. In the spirit of giving, Matt is giving away copies of his brand new book, Redefine Rich, to 10 lucky listeners. Go to iTunes and leave a review of the Chris LoCurto Show. Send an email referencing your review to [email protected] to be entered in the giveaway!

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7 thoughts on “88 | Redefine Rich with Matt Ham”

  1. “Live out what you’ve been given” – Matt Ham

    Thank you for sharing. Hearing these things in the context of your stories (Matt and Chris) combined with my current life situation is very powerful and encouraging.

    I’ll be grateful. I’ll be confident that we are doing something that matters. I’ll go.

    Thank you both for leading

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