How To Scale Your Business with Excellence [Blog]

Nearly every company coming in for StratPlan, and almost every leader coming in through our Next-Level Mastermind group asks me these questions, “Chris, how can I scale? I want to grow, What do I do next?”

In this post, I’m going to share some of the same keys to scaling with excellence I’ve coached leaders on for years.

1. A Mindset of Gaining Perspective 

I’m talking about your growth as a leader…as an individual. To have successful growth, you must take time to gain quality perspective on the How and Why.

So many leaders want to go after a new project, and then try to backfill what they don’t have. BEFORE you chase off after your next great opportunity, dive into the how and the why of what you’re doing.

Every 6 months we are re-casting vision to plan out our next 90 days, 6 months, and 12 months. We have a system we use as a leadership team every single time.

Our focus in on how many things we can get done with the time we currently have. There are so many ways to go after a new growth project…but you need to push yourself to go after it the right way. 

Live in the process of gaining perspective on your true capacity of resources. Focus in on your capacity of resources as a leader, in your business, and as a team.

There are plenty of next, great ideas. You have to know how to implement, and know if that’s where your focus should be.

Ask yourself: Is this the smartest thing to be focusing on right now? Can we do this with excellence?

If either answer is a no, then it’s not the smart thing to do.

**Warning to leaders and entrepreneurs: don’t fall into the trap of scaling or creating out of boredom. This will get you into so much trouble, if you are not answering the right questions.

2. Keep Energy In The Moneymaker 

The main thing that causes leaders to fail in new ventures: Pulling energy away from the moneymaker.

Shifting all your energy to a new project tends to cause the thing that’s gotten you where you are to fail. Why?…

Because almost every single time a leader pulls their energy to where they want to go “now,” they pull energy away from what’s making them money.

After energy, the next thing that goes is team moral. Why?

Now there’s a lack of vision and direction. When a team does not have vision and leadership, they lose moral and focus, and you lose revenue.

To go more in-depth and hear how we keep energy in our business, listen here: Ep. 206: The 3 Keys to Scaling Your Business with Excellence.

90% of the time, the thing that’s been making you money is what will fund your new venture!

Some leaders even tell me, “I want to build this up, then only spend a couple days in the business.”

Guess what? It will. not. work.

If you’re not going to be the energy, you need to create energy inside the business.

3. Install Champions

One of the ways to create and keep energy in your business is to install a champion over the process. Someone who can lead the team, knows how to grow a specific area, and loves focusing on that area.

If they can lead it to success, you can remove SOME of you, and focus in another area.

Keep energy in multiple areas to grow the things that make money, that change lives.

I don’t care if it’s an old venture or a new venture, you have to have the energy, you have to have the vision, and you have to have champions in place.

If you can do this and lead effectively, you will not lose. Even if the new area loses, you have not damaged your current money making process that has gotten you to where you are.

If you’re wanting to grow or scale your business, or add a whole new product line or service, you must put champions in place. As a leader you can’t be in the day-to-day tasks heading up the processes, you need champions in place for that. Then you must lead your champions.

Listen here for my full rant: Ep. 206: The 3 keys to Scaling Your Business with Excellence.

These are just 3 of the key pieces of scaling with excellence that I’ll teach on at the Next-Level Leadership LIVE Event, May 11-13, 2017 in Nashville, TN.

Want the full lesson? Go here.

At the event, I teach leaders how to get out from under their daily tasks so they can lead leaders, and grow their businesses and team.

Whether they are a leader, entrepreneur, it doesn’t matter. I want you to be leading leaders, I want you to be getting out from under the 17,000 tasks you have to do in a day – that’s ridiculous, that’s not your role.

You have to get tasks off your plate and start leading leaders.

If you are thinking about scaling, get your butt to this event. If you want to know how to grow your leadership, your sales and marketing…get to this event. Whether you’re a leader or a business owner, we’re going to be deep diving on how to build a stronger, more successful businesses and teams.

This event doesn’t just change your business, leadership, and team, it will change your life.

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