89 | Signs of Emotional Abuse

The Signs of Emotional Abuse

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, team member or leader, you’re not just working on the business side of running a company, managing projects, or leading a team. You’re doing life with the people you work with and you have a life that’s interacting with your business. Today we’re talking about emotional abuse and digging into what abuse actually is and how it effects your life.

Have you been emotionally abused? Are you the one doing it and not realizing it? In this episode I’m digging into:

  • The many signs of emotional abuse and how to recognize it
  • The purpose of emotional abuse and what it has in common with the abuser’s root system
  • Understanding the “why” and the lies of emotional abuse
  • Where your self-worth and self-confidence should come from

If you’ve felt this, been ridiculed or shamed, or humiliated, you’re not meant to live that kind of life. That is not what God wants for you. Go to chrislocurto.com/lifeplan, fill out your information, and we’ll get you help as soon as possible.

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