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There might be a simple answer to one of your most frustrating challenges…

Today is all about your questions on communication, and personality style. Sometimes communicating with team members or leaders can leave you frustrated, with little information, or just plain scratching your head…communication is a challenge.

High-levels of quality communication is the key to winning.

We all bring our own personality styles, training, and habits to the table, and as I’m sure you’ve noticed, team communication can be a total mess some days!

So today we’re answering your questions on communication. Here’s what we cover:

    • How to communicate with a “High D” personality style
    • How each personality styles processes information, and what it means for your communication
    • How to pick up on others’ personality styles to communicate effectively
    • Dealing with personality styles that are opposite from yours
    • How to lean in other’s direction for high-quality communication to take place
    • How to get great information out of your team, by personality style

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Understanding Personality Styles and how to use them will change your life and your business. 

A lack of high-quality communication is the most common and destructive issue I see in almost every business I work with. What causes this great lack of communication?

Simple – not understanding how to communicate effectively with each of the different personality styles in the organization.

Here are several issues that come out of bad communication…

  • Lower productivity
  • Gossip
  • Fear
  • Employee turnover
  • Having to redo misunderstood work
  • Lost sales

The DISC Profile shows you how you think, process, and what you can do to have incredible communication with others. It shows you how to execute with your style.

Learn the information and tools to move past the conflict, miscommunication, and misunderstandings…and operate in your strengths.

Get your DISC profile, and if you’re a leader – get them for your team!

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2 thoughts on “236 | Start Communicating Better Today”

    1. I absolutely communicate with transparency AND candor. But I try to make sure that I always am communicating something that is helpful and beneficial to the other person. Too many people use the concept of transparency and candor, mainly “candor”, to hurt others as a form of control and to fulfill their own needs. If you truly care about others when communicating, you don’t take advantage of the situation to fulfill you.

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