130 | Start Living and Turn Your Hobby Into A Business with Cliff Ravenscraft

Our guest today is Cliff Ravenscraft… The Podcast Answer Man!

In 2005 Cliff started podcasting about the TV show Lost and has been on a huge growth trajectory ever since.

He shares with us how he turned his passion into a business and how he took the scary leap into entrepreneurism.

Here’s what all we cover:

  • How Cliff got into Podcasting
  • How he uses Podcasting to Build Relationships
  • Why he walked away from a $500k insurance agency gig
  • What the TV Show LOST has to do with podcasting
  • How he transitioned from hobby to full time career
  • What you need to know about following your passion
  • How Cliff lost 45 pounds
  • The 10,000 hour rule applied to Podcasting
  • The power of just starting
  • The biggest mistakes when starting to grow your platform
  • His advice to folks just starting out

This is a long podcast today!
For all you folks who have an 1+ hour commute…this is for you.

We cover a lot of ground.
Cliff shares his heart on so many great topics and it’s amazing!

Here’s the best way to follow Cliff:

And check out his “Podcasting A – Z” Course. It’s legit!

8 thoughts on “130 | Start Living and Turn Your Hobby Into A Business with Cliff Ravenscraft”

  1. Hi Chris,

    Totally awesome episode man! I love these kind of success stories. I love how it reveals how these businesses weren’t overnight successes, but were actually a result of years of hard work and dedication. Love it!

    Keep ’em coming!


  2. Very absorbing story – well told. I’ve heard Cliff’s name from Michael Hyatt multiple times and wondered who this man is. Now I know – thank you both.

    A few random things:
    1. I got the Nazarene joke (I went to a Naz college)
    2. Did you say “abso-stinkin’-lutely”? 😎
    3. At 1 hour 3 minutes, the podcast interrupted itself and started over. It does this regularly – thought you might want to track it down.

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