52 | Starting a Business and Team Building with William Vanderbloemen

Today we are talking about Entrepreneurship and Team Building with William Vanderbloemen, the founder and CEO  of Vanderbloemen Search Group and the author of the new book, Next: Pastoral Succession That Works

starting a business and team building

William VanderbloemenWilliam has an impressive story. He was a Senior Pastor for 15 years before making the jump to entrepreneurship.

Here’s a link to his full bio.

In this episode William talks about how he got the inspiration to start a business… to churches…in a down economy.

He also shares his definition of a dream job (it’s awesome!) and what he looks for when hiring.

His website is vanderbloemen.com and you can check him out on twitter and let him know you were listening: @wvanderbloemen

His new book, Next: Pastoral Succession that Works has a 5 Star rating on Amazon and some pretty impressive reviews. If you are in ministry I highly recommend you check it out.


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2 thoughts on “52 | Starting a Business and Team Building with William Vanderbloemen”

  1. Hi Chris – I loved this interview! (I love all your interviews – I always learn something from you and your guests!)

    One of my favorite parts: the importantance of being purposefully flexible – that each day we are ‘designed’ to be a little less flexible. We’re always looking for comfort…safety…predictable but how important it is to be constantly stretching! Nice!

    Congrats on your office space! I’m so happy for you and your team.

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