Step Over The Line!

(This is a great guest post about commitment by Louise Thaxton. Enjoy.)

Recently, I had the opportunity to visit the Alamo in San Antonio, Texas. Some told me I might be disappointed, but I was not. I was in awe. I was in awe of the commitment of the group of men who stood their ground and fought for a principle 175 years ago. One of the definitions of “commitment” is “when you are willing to give your time and energy to something you believe in, or a promise or firm decision to do something.” I like the phrase “stepping over the line” when that commitment is made.

It was March 5, 1836, and Colonel William Barrett Travis had known for several days that his situation inside the old Spanish mission called the Alamo was hopeless. Several thousand soldiers under the command of Mexican General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna had Travis and 189 others surrounded. Legend has it that Travis gathered his men and shared with them what he thought were their three remaining choices: Surrender, attempt to escape, or “remain in this fort…resist every assault, and to sell our lives as dearly as possible.”

Unsheathing his sword, Travis drew a line on the ground before his battle-weary men, as he described their plight and said, “Those prepared to give their lives in freedom’s cause, come over to me.” Without hesitation, every man, except two, stepped over the line. One ran away, and the other, Colonel James Bowie, stricken with pneumonia, asked that his cot be carried over.

When men and women make the commitment to join the U.S. military and serve our country, they “step over the line.” They risk everything – their lives, their physical, mental and emotional health – to fight for our freedom.

For several years, our team motto has been to “serve those who serve,” because our business is to help military home buyers with the financing of their new home. When we became aware of the Boot Campaign, a group of five women who are committed to bringing awareness to America of wounded warriors and the organizations that support these causes, we wanted to get involved! It’s very simple – purchase a pair of combat boots, and a portion of the proceeds goes to wounded warrior projects. Then wear the boots and encourage others to do the same!

We became “Suits in Boots” and challenged other mortgage professionals to “get their boots on” with a goal for 1,100 pairs of boots to be purchased in 2011.

Several companies have “stepped over the line”! Churchill Mortgage (the only mortgage company recommended by Dave Ramsey) has committed to encourage and inspire their branches to purchase 100 pairs of boots in 2011. Our team with Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation has committed to 150 pairs of boots. Dozens of other mortgage professionals, coaches, trainers and speakers have their boots on and are committed to encourage others.

What about you and your company? Is there a cause for which you are willing to “step over the line” and commit – one you are willing to invest your time and energy into? Tell me about it!





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11 thoughts on “Step Over The Line!”

  1. What an awesome post and felt the same way when visitng the Alamo a few years ago. I was in awe of their commitment to serve. Loved how you tied the past with the present and how e can learn from history.

  2. You had me at “Alamo”… Great post. I enjoy good history mixed with a Monday morning relevant application/call to action.

    Everything links back to ‘How can we leverage what we have to help someone else?’. I’ve learned a great deal from my wife over the years. She spent a number of years working for a non-profit. Early on in our relationship, neither of us had much money. So, my personal feeling was that we needed to make a bunch of money in order to make a difference. Kat gently informed me that this was a wrong-headed idea. She informed me that EVERY dollar makes a difference. There is no shame if all you can give is $5. It will make a difference.

    Today, I have the privilege of helping people leverage what they have to make a bigger impact than they ever thought possible. To see someone’s face light up is an awesome experience. I commend you on your impact.

    Aspirando et Perseverando

  3. Chris, thank you for posting Louise’ piece about stepping over the line in your boots for our troops. We had the privilege of spending a day with this dynamic lady last week, and suffice it to say that all of us at The Boot Campaign were inspired and energized by her vision to use her circle of influence to build up our returning troops. Wonder how many she’ll influence in the end as more and more people get their boots on?

  4. Thanks, Todd, for the comment! And wow, what a time it was and what an HONOR to be able to spend some time with the Boot Campaign last week – and to meet all of you in PERSON – to know what each of you are doing – and the contributions all of you are making. It is an amazing group of individuals – truly making a DIFFERENCE.

    And thank YOU, Chris, for the honor of the guest post!

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