20 | Stop Surviving and Start Living

I can’t say enough great things about Crystal Paine, the Money Saving Mom. Not only is she an incredible entrepreneur, but she’s also a phenomenal influence to so many folks who are tired of just surviving.

Crystal joined me on the podcast a few weeks back to talk about her journey as an entrepreneur, as well as her new book, Say Goodbye to Survival Mode. Problem is, she’s so deep with great information that we didn’t even get to the book!

In rockstar fashion, Crystal was gracious enough to do another interview so we could dive into her newest release on the 9 simple strategies to stress less, sleep more, and restore your passion for life.

And trust me when I say, YOU NEED THAT! We ALL need more of that in our life!

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 Question: What should you do to stop surviving and start living?

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17 thoughts on “20 | Stop Surviving and Start Living”

  1. Allow me to repeat what I have said 37 times elsewhere 🙂

    While this book is primarily geared towards moms (I believe all of whom are women), this book is not just for women.

    Men should definitely read it too.

  2. I have not put this book down in days! Not only because it’s loaded with great suggestions and ideas, but because my two small boys don’t like that Daddy is now prioritizing tasks that don’t include them 100% of the day! Settling into new ways of getting things done without going insane is an long-needle concept in our house, and thanks to Crystal’s book, it’s comforting to know it’s the same in most houses!

  3. The phrase, “I want to invest into best stuff for me” -That is really speaking to me. I think who you surround yourself with is part of “the best stuff” too. Great pod cast, thanks for promoting Crystal’s story.

  4. Really enjoyed the information and Crystal’s down to earth, candid style. Although our children are out of the home now, it allowed me to peek inside a window to see what my wife went through and sometimes missed. Given that she is a Grade 2 teacher, Crystal’s words are helping me see into another window related to my wife’s day to day world. Thanks

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