Stop Talking!

I happened to stop at a sandwich shop the other day. It’s a great chain with really good sandwiches. As I walked in I quickly realized that I was the only one there, but it was after lunch, so I bet it was hoppin’ before I got there.

Shhh, Lost Is On
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There were three young folks: two guys making sandwiches and one gal at the register. The guys seemed like they were having a good day, and the gal…..looked at me funny. I gave my order for three sandwiches, and the guys jumped right on it. (No, they weren’t all for me….just two of them. Okay, just one.) Once my order was paid for I noticed that a couple of firemen and a young gal had fallen in line behind me ready to order.

As they placed their orders, one of the guys had to run to the back to get…something, so the gal jumped on the line to take his place. It was then that she began to….complain! She complained about something that the company wasn’t doing, and it was loud enough for customers to hear.

You should know that this is one of my pet peeves! I can’t stand when team members complain with customers around. Push aside the fact that it’s a severe gossip issue, no customer wants to hear it. And every time it happens, all I can think about is what’s wrong with their leadership?  There are many reasons for gossip: like a lack of character, integrity, etc. Gossip is a cancer and needs to be cut out IMMEDIATELY! But there’s one main reason that I have found for gossip; the feeling that leadership won’t listen to what’s going on.

At EntreLeadership I get the opportunity to talk with both leaders and team members. And every time the discussion of gossip comes up, I dig really deep to find the root of it. Almost every time I find the reason for the gossip is that the team members feel like they are trying to correct problems that are going on and nobody will give them the time of day. When this happens, that team member feels the need to tell someone else and be validated. They need to know that someone else understands the problem and the need to fix it.

This can be resolved pretty easily in most cases…TALK TO YOUR TEAM! You have got to get in there and find out what’s going on. There is no leadership error that I hate more than a leader who won’t actually talk to their INDIVIDUAL team members and get a pulse. I capitalize “individual” because I know too many leaders who get a pulse from team members about OTHER team members. This is ridiculous and is another post some time.

“Well, I don’t want to talk to them because they’re just always cynical!” Seriously? That’s your answer? Great job leader! You know, I once heard Jim Collins say that a cynic is nothing more than a passionate person who is tired of being let down. Why don’t you try getting out of yourself and discover the inner champion of your team member. Who knows, you might be impressed. Worst case, you find out they do suck and you get rid of them. Most likely, I believe, that won’t be the issue. You’ll find that you’re the problem. OUCH!

The title Stop Talking! is for the team member who’s complaining, especially with the public in ear shot. If that’s you, force a time with your leader to get them to listen. If they suck, and they can’t give you the time, go someplace where you can be a champion! Don’t stay and become a cynic!



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4 thoughts on “Stop Talking!”

  1. I have a question along these same lines:
    – What is a team leader to do if team members are complaining about something when their input truly won’t change the facts of the situation or benefit the company? For instance, team members might make suggestions that cannot or should not be implemented because of other factors.
    – What is a team member to do if their suggestions and ideas are more often than not dismissed? Usually this happens with overly critical leaders.


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