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278 | Profit Sharing: The Why, How, and How Much

Does profit sharing solidify teams?  What are the biggest benefits of profit sharing?  How much should I share? How much is too much?  How often should I pay out profit sharing?  Keep scrolling for all of the answers. AND…if you haven’t listened to the last episode How To Implement A Profit Sharing Plan, give it a …

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277 | How To Implement A Profit Sharing Plan

How do you use money to motivate your team? On today’s podcast we’re talking about profit sharing, here’s what you’ll discover: How to implement a profit-sharing plan The 2 key questions to determine your profit sharing plan When to do profit sharing A Profit Sharing Matrix Listen here: How to implement a profit sharing plan …

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Four Questions Every Leader Must Ask Themselves

Leadership focus is usually on bottom-line, team morale, vision, and mission. But there are few things you have to ask yourself to gain perspective on where you are as an organization.

Chris LoCurto, Leadership, Business, Strategic Planning, LifePlan, #CLoTribe

At our strategic planning events, we spend tons of time gaining perspective on the business. Every company I work with, in the beginning, says they understand exactly where they are, how they got there, and the areas they need to focus on the most.

And every company leaves absolutely blown away they did not have a good perspective on where they are or what the main issues and opportunities are.

More importantly, they leave with

The Poimen Group Announcement

It’s been almost six months since I started my business. After 12 amazing years with Dave Ramsey, countless hours leading, teaching and coaching leaders and entrepreneurs, I felt God calling me to leave. It was the most difficult decision I’ve ever made but over the past few months, I’ve built my own business to do what I love – coach business and entrepreneurs and develop leaders.

Chris LoCurto, Leadership, Business, Strategic Planning

Along the way, I talked to someone very special about naming my business. She gave me the word “Poimen.”  Which, if I’m being serious, sounded lame. But then she sent me the definition.

Poimen (pronounced poy-mane’) is the Greek word in the Bible for:

A herdsman, especially a shepherd. The tasks of a Near Eastern shepherd were – to watch for enemies trying to attack the sheep – to defend the sheep from attackers – to heal the wounded and sick sheep – to find and save lost or trapped sheep – to love them, sharing their lives, and so earning their trust.

It was so powerful and a word that many have since told me is me. I sat on it awhile, and even asked some of the #CLoTribe if they had any ideas. And as God does it…