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Jeff Kirkham special forces member

551 | Leading Under Pressure and Stress with Jeff Kirkham

Hello Folks! I’m thrilled to introduce the upcoming episode of our podcast, where we have the privilege of hosting Jeff Kirkham, a former Army special forces member, best-selling author, and serial entrepreneur. In this engaging conversation, we’ll explore Jeff’s incredible journey, covering leadership, mental health, and self-improvement.         Jeff’s background is nothing …

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244 | 5 Critical Steps to Lead Yourself Better

Are you a leader in your family, social circles, or at work? Ever wonder if you’re leading well? To lead others well, you have to lead yourself first! If your self-perception is off, your leadership efforts will be misguided. You can Subscribe in iTunes ! Here are 5 ways to lead yourself better starting today. 1. A Vision …

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9 | How to Lead Your Leader

Today’s topic is a question I get asked all the time and it came up in several comments on our recent reader survey. If you’re struggling to understand your leader or just hoping to make things better around the office, here are a few things to keep in mind:

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  • You have to understand how they receive information and how you communicate is equally important. Learn more about communication in this post, Start Communicating Better Today.
  • Lead up. Make sure your intentions are to help them, not belittle them. It’s got to be beneficial to both of you.
  • Ask questions and get to understand them personally. When you do that, you’ll get perspective on why they are the way they are.
  • Don’t allow a terrible leader to hold you back. Do everything you can to make the people around you successful – up, sideways and down.

Question: What ways do you know to lead leaders?