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Why You’re Misunderstood

Today, I’m answering your questions on The Chris LoCurto Show! In last week’s podcast, we asked for you to comment about your greatest challenges when it comes to communicating and understanding personality styles. Folks, you brought it! Check out the podcast for my answers:

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Solve Your Most Destructive Business Issue

A lack of high-quality communication is the most common and destructive issue I see in almost every business I work with. What causes this great lack of communication? Simple – not understanding how to communicate effectively with each of the different personalities in the organization.

There are several issues that come out of bad communication, including:

  • Lower productivity
  • Gossip
  • Fear
  • Employee turnover
  • Having to redo misunderstood work
  • Lost sales

And those are just a few things that cost your organization a lot of money!

Here’s why good communication is so important:

4 Ways To Help You Let Go

For many people, letting go of hurt, anger, pride, and the past is more difficult than watching Gigli. While others are able to shake bad things off, or look at everything with a fantastically positive attitude, most people struggle to just let go.

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And when you see someone who seems to be mad or negative about everything, it’s usually not everything they’re mad about. It’s from something much deeper that’s been buried inside for a long time.

Over a third of the leaders and entrepreneurs that I coach, have connected some of the issues in their business with something that happened in their childhood or relationship, or lack there of, with their father.

When leading people through LifePlan, I spend time working through the big turns in someone’s life, not the big crazy experiences, to discover why they are where they are and why they make the decisions they make. Having this information is the beginning of what I use to lead them to the life they actually want.

In all situations, letting go becomes key. Now, as I say that, there are a ton of friends or spouses out there that always say, “I told you that you needed to do that”. Here is what I can promise you – it doesn’t matter how many times you tell someone what’s wrong with them, or what they need to do, if they don’t ever get to the root of the issue, they’ll never be able to “let go.”

Obviously I can’t go through two days worth of info in this post, but here are some things you can do right now to help you let go:

    Why I Left Dave Ramsey’s Organization

    Why did Chris LoCurto leave Dave Ramsey’s organization?” is the #1 question I get asked. Everybody wants to know the details of why I left. So today, I break it down for you and share my story of how I got to where I am now.

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    How To Grow Your Business Without Hubris

    Hubris …means extreme pride or arrogance. Hubris often indicates a loss of contact with reality and an overestimation of one’s own competence, accomplishments or capabilities, especially when the person exhibiting it is in a position of power. | Wikipedia  In the early days of building a company, the focus is on doing everything you possibly can to be successful. …

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    Excellence is Created, Not Demanded

    So many business owners and leaders automatically expect excellence from their team, but does the team know what it takes to be excellent in the first place?

    Chris LoCurto, Leadership, Business, Strategic Planning

    What makes us think that people have been taught how to be excellent?

    I believe that excellence is created, not demanded.

    When you’re not spending time with your team, showing them what excellence looks like & teaching them about excellence, then they’re going to do the best that they know how.

    Where did they learn their level of excellence? From those that came before them (insert parents, friends, teachers, former leaders, etc.). They bring their concept of excellence to your organization and if you want more than that, then be sure to check what you expect.

    To have excellence in your business you have to:

    4 Steps To Proper Delegation

    Proper delegation is one of the most jacked up concepts in business.

    Chris LoCurto, Leadership, Business, Strategic Planning

    We think delegating is giving someone a task and expecting that they do it. Here’s why that doesn’t work:

    You’re overloaded with stuff so you decide to take something off your plate. You find somebody to give it to & wait for them to either do it very well (and make you happy) or screw it up totally. They screw up & now you have to take it back & do it yourself.

    Here’s the crazy thing, that’s what most people think delegation is. Know why?