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153 | The Ultimate Guide To Improving Your Communication

The Ultimate Guide To Improving Your Communication Folks, we talk a lot about communication on the show, but this show turned into something much more! It turned into our Ultimate Guide To Improving Your Communication, but it all started with answering a question from one of our listeners. Here’s how to achieve high levels of …

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Sales Techniques using DISC [Podcast]

Everyone is in sales!


The way to sell properly is to understand who you are selling to.

When you know the personality style you are selling to then you can change the way you give information.

Use these sales techniques to gain the advantage.

Selling with DISC



Selling to High D’s:

  • Give them info in soudbites. Short and sweet.
  • What is it you are trying to sell? Give it to them in bullet points.
  • Don’t give them a ton of info not in bullets.
  • Once a high D has bought…STOP SELLING THEM. STOP TALKING.

DISC Profiles Explained (Updated 2021)

Almost two decades ago I began realizing just how important understanding personality styles was to me and my business.

Even though I thought I knew personality styles well, I really didn’t.

Many times I was failing with team members because I didn’t understand how to guide and direct them according to their own personality style. Instead, I communicated with mine. Why is bad communication so destructive?