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231 | How To Stop Feeling Responsible For Others

How to Stop Feeling Responsible For Others On this episode, the 5 Steps to Stop Feeling Responsible For Others: The 5 steps to stop feeling responsible for others (and the action items for each step) Why and how people become people pleasers The negative effects of people pleasing on your health and relationships People pleasers …

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7 Signs You Self-Sabotage

Self-sabotage is one of the greatest limiting factors to how successful you can be in business and life! And the crazy thing is, most people have absolutely no clue that they self-sabotage.

Self-sabotage is one of the most destructive patterns I see in LifePlan no matter who the person is, where they come from, what their background is, or what their work position is.

Self Sabotage

While so many people define self-sabotage as alcohol abuse, drug abuse, and over-eating, there are a bunch of other ways we self-sabotage. Some are socially recognizable and judged according to a social scale, and others aren’t as easily understood.

Here are a few ways that we tend to hurt ourselves by self-sabotage:

The Lies We Believe [Podcast]

The lies that we’re told, the lies we tell ourselves, and the lies we believe hold us back.

When you’re told specific lies from people you love, like parents or family, those words hold you back from becoming something greater or believing in yourself or becoming an entrepreneur or fill in the blank.

Why do people we love tell us lies?