437 | Pause and Reflect Episode: Choosing Our Influences

What are the influences that you’re currently choosing in your life? Choosing our influences is vital for personal growth and development. You know, we all have various influences that are currently at work in our lives, shaping our thought patterns, habits and behaviors, and ultimately our character. The tricky part can be discerning the effect they’re …

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404 | Replacing The Negative Influences In Your Life With The Right Ones

Today’s episode is on replacing the negative influences in your life with the right ones! What you don’t replace may come back to haunt you! Fact: we are creatures of habit.  Our habits, thought patterns, and relationships all carry a massive influence on our hearts and minds. The negative influences in our lives must be …

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The 8 Negative People You Should Avoid

In LifePlan I share with people that we are the sum of our influencers and our past. Good or bad, how we’ve been influenced and how our past has impacted us, shapes our decisions to be who we are today.

Fire your friends and family,

For most people, their family makes up the majority of those two areas. We would all love for our family to have an incredible, positive, and loving impact on us. Unfortunately for a lot of folks, their family has had a lasting negative impact.

Keep in mind I said for a lot of folks. Not everyone’s family has had that effect. In fact, I just had a gentleman go through LifePlan who had the greatest loving parents I’ve seen. So yes, there are wonderful loving families out there.

_.pngIf you haven’t received your free copy of my new guide, Avoiding Conflict, then be sure to click here now to get it! It shows you how each of the different personality styles contribute to conflict.

I share with every LifePlan attendee who has had the negative impacts, we don’t make any monsters or any victims, we focus on discovering WHY. Understanding why you are where you are, and why you make the decisions you do, is the most powerful part of becoming your strongest self ever.

So what am I talking about when I say you should fire your family? Well…

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