Personality Styles

How To Use Personality Styles To Overcome The Biggest Obstacle In Your Business

A lack of high-quality communication is the most common and destructive issue I see in almost every business I work with. What causes this significant lack of communication? Simple – not understanding how to communicate effectively with each of the different personalities on the team. It doesn’t matter what the vision is, what the goals …

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Parents, Kids, Conflict…OH MY [Podcast]

We are talking about conflict in the family on todays show. More specifically – How do I get my children to get along?

We naturally think ” my kids should just get along.”
But we have to remember that with kids it’s no different than the people you work with.

The reason why kids (or anybody else) are in conflict is because they don’t’ understand each other.

Translating that into business and for your team, when we have two people that are in conflict, almost every time it comes down to the simplicity of not understanding each others personality styles.

How to Avoid Conflict [Podcast]

Almost all conflict is a direct result of poor communication. I’m constantly teaching the importance of understanding personality styles in preventing poor communication, which in turn reduces conflict and misunderstandings. When you understand your personality style and the style of the person you’re communicating with, you know how you’re contributing to conflict and how to avoid it.

Most conflict is due to people being immature in their personality style(s). Immaturity has nothing to do with age. You can be a 70 year-old immature high D, I, S, or C. It has everything to do with how much you understand yourself and others.

Once you’ve taken a DISC personality test, check out the free guide I’ve written on avoiding conflict. There are 16 different points I cover, divided out by personality style, like:

Celebrate Achievement on Your Team [Podcast]

Last month, I taught about celebrating achievement on CLo.TV and today I’m digging deeper into celebrating your team and how each personality style wants to be recognized for their achievements. Subscribe to the podcast:          [lbdesign_button link=”″ size=”medium” target=”self”]iTunes[/lbdesign_button]  [lbdesign_button link=”” size=”medium” target=”self”]Stitcher Radio[/lbdesign_button]  [lbdesign_button link=”” size=”medium” target=”self”]SoundCloud[/lbdesign_button] I’ve been teaching and …

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