7 | What’s Killing Your Creativity

Creativity and focus come from a clear mind…and your desk! If you’re in need of a mental refresh, listen to today’s Coffee With Chris podcast!

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When your office is a mess, whether it’s paperwork scattered across your desk or unanswered emails junking up the inbox, your subconscious is cluttered. Here’s what I want you to do:

  • Tell your staff or co-workers you’re going to clean your office.
  • Pick a Saturday to actually clean your office and go through everything.
  • When you find something you need to be working on, put it in a place where you’ll get to it immediately.
  •  When you find something you don’t need to be working on, delegate it.
  • When you find something irrelevant, throw it away. Get it out of your brain and your subsconcious.

Once you’ve done this and see how effective it is, have your team do it as well!

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