240 | Peak Mental Performance When You’re Under Pressure

How do you respond under pressure? Thinking about your life, thinking about your leadership, and your family situations…I want you to think about situations that are so high pressure you feel your own blood pressure and heart rate rising… What is it like when you’re having that conversation with the difficult person? What is it …

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Don’t Back Off!

Early in my racing career…ok, hobby, I took a Masters Class at one of my favorite racetracks; Sears Point in Sonoma, CA. There were about seven of us in the class. Half with racing experience, and the rest of us had just received our license.

Chris LoCurto Racing at Sears Point

We spent the first two days working on technique, and the third day we had a qualifier and race. The exciting thing for me was, I was faster than everyone in the class! That was, until…

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