You’re Gonna Want To Read This Apology!!

Ok, so I have to apologize immensely for the one…or maybe three extra emails that you received this week.

And If you are one of the ones who have been with me from the beginning, and you subscribed on Wordpress, then you received six extra emails this week.

At the end of this post is an incredible offer for your trouble!

So, I switched to MailChimp last week and, well, I messed things up. I am still trying to figure it all out. HOPEFULLY, you are only getting one email today.

Unless you’re a Wordpress subscriber, then you are still receiving one from Wordpress with the WP logo, and one from me.

If that’s you, and you received one from me and one with the WP logo:

Want A Creative Way To Make More Revenue?

Here’s a great leadership post by Lily Kreitinger. Lily specializes in helping leadership effectively train team members. Follow Lily at, or on LinkedIn. You can guest post as well! Read how to here.

Leadership, Creativity, Team
Ages ago, I wrote my dissertation for my Bachelor’s Degree on Creative Expression. My hypothesis stated: Children who are allowed to express themselves creatively will improve their reading comprehension significantly.

I did the required research and then I designed a creative expression workshop for third graders. The results were astounding.

What Is A VP Worth?

Compensation and Profit-sharing are two topics that the #CLoTribe has asked me to answer pretty much since the beginning. Done well, they are crazy incentivizing. Done wrong, well, down right depressing. Chris, what percentage do you recommend for the P&L comp plan for VP/EVP’s running a division or department?  I understand that the “parent company” …

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CLo Said What?

Nothing…but I’m about to! New year, new things happening at Once a week I will be answering your questions…wait for it…by video! Yep, whatever you want to ask me. Well, I still don’t talk about the days that I worked as a personal trainer to Jillian Michaels. So here’s what I’m looking for, I want …

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