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Dinner with Crystal Paine – Q&A Series

So many times as leaders, message bearers or speakers, we’re so concerned about how we’re delivering our product, pitch or speech that we loose sight of who it’s intended for – the audience! We tend to focus on what they’re thinking about us instead of how they’re receiving the information.

Crystal Paine is the genius entrepreneur, mother and home economics multi-tasker behind She’s also the author of The Money Saving Mom’s Budget. We had a great conversation about being message bearers and caring for our audiences (this could be your customer, your team, followers, etc.) and I’m sharing those thoughts with you in a new Q&A Series video.

Structuring a Partnership Without Partnering – Q&A Series

I coach entrepreneurs and small business owners on how to structure their businesses every week. Todays question from Erick is one I get often:



The 5 D’s are death, disaster, disability, divorce and disagreement but I’ve got a 6th. Don’t. Don’t do it. Don’t even think about it. Business partnerships don’t work and today’s Q&A Series video explains why.


Question: What are your creative ways of incentivizing non-partners?