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All good things must come to an end, and Early Bird pricing ends for the Next-Level Leadership Live Event Tuesday, March 28 at 11:59pm PST.

Don’t miss out on saving one hundred dollars off ticket pricing!

Build a Stronger, More Successful Business and Team.

You want to grow a business that runs smoothly as well as have confidence in how to lead your team to unity, focus, and success. You also desire to make a difference and an impact in both your team and your customers lives.

But so many leaders experience a lack of team buy-in, or have a team that doesn’t know how to execute. All the while, those same leaders are asking themselves, “do I have what it takes as a leader to lead this team or business well” and, “does business have to be this difficult to be successful”?

Now here’s the thing… The problem isn’t your leadership, the problem is that you haven’t been taught HOW to overcome these obstacles and make the changes stick. Next-Level Leadership LIVE Event  teaches a 3-part system on how to grow your business by scaling it correctly, lead your team more effectively, and fuel growth with proven marketing and sales processes.

You’ll leave the event with greater communication to get the highest productivity, greater leadership skills to lead your team more confidently, and repeatable systems to drive greater, more predictable growth.

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Here’s what you need to know:
Register: Register by midnight (Pacific) Tuesday, March 28, so that you can save a hundred dollars!
Event Dates: Thursday, May 11 – Saturday, May 13, 2017.
Location: Sheraton Grand Nashville Downtown, Nashville, TN

Click here for all event details and to register.

What you’ll learn at the event:

Day 1:

  • How to keep revenue flowing during your next growth phase
  • How to find the leader you need to champion the process
  • How to keep your greatest “money maker” successful during a strategy shift
  • How to outline and put to paper your true capacity of resources
  • How to motivate your team and drastically increase their productivity
  • How to reflect healthy growth in your budget and company finance
  • How to lead each personality style on your team successfully
  • Where each personality style is most gifted, and productive
  • How to ask your team the right questions to get results
  • How to lead your team to laser-like focus
  • How each personality style on your team contributes to conflict
  • The areas of weakness and strength in personality styles
  • How to solve conflict in your office and home before it happens
  • How to lead your team to high quality communication
  • The steps you can take to grow a strong, cohesive, proactive and insanely productive team

We’ll end the first day with the Next-Level Leadership Gala!

Day 2:

  • The underlying motivators that will cause your team to excel
  • All the areas where your team members can succeed based on their values
  • How to make quality “people” decisions when hiring
  • What team members you have in the right and wrong roles
  • Create a system of strong accountability and support to push you to your greatest capacity
  • Put in place the necessary conditions for leaders and entrepreneurs to execute on a greater level
  • Lead your team in accountability and see it play out in your office
  • Empower your team members to carry out your desired culture
  • Take away distractions in the office to skyrocket productivity
  • Increase productivity at every level of leadership
  • Decrease stress on leadership

We’ll close out day 2 with the Next-Level Leadership Reception and Dinner.

Day 3:

  • How to get your time back
  • How to gain more clarity to perform at your highest capacity
  • How to boost mental energy
  • How to improve your physical health
  • How to stay balanced in your work and personal life
  • The healthiest mindset for sales
  • The practical, proven formulas for carrying out servant selling
  • How to engage and prospect at a higher conversion rate
  • How to get your sales team to OWN the sales process
  • How to create an environment where your sales teams can thrive
  • The right culture for a high converting sales team
  • How to give your sales team the freedom to serve clients
  • The powerful conversation framework to guide more prospects to saying yes
  • The repeatable, formulaic, conversational processes of high converting sales
  • How to become a trusted resource, not just a “sales person”
  • The exercises and drills to improve your entire sales department
  •  Discover the true transformation of your product/service
  • Discover your ideal client and exactly how to market to them
  • Create a healthier, more productive culture for marketing
  • Achieve a nearly 100% customer retention rate after buy-in

Click here for all event details, agenda, bonuses, and to register.

So if you’re ready to go from stress, failure, and lack of confidence in your leadership, to team unity, focus, and successful growth in your business, register for the Next-Level Leadership LIVE Event right now!

Click here for all event details, agenda, bonuses, and to register.




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