169 | The 3 Negative Mindsets Holding You Back Right Now

If you’re anything like me, you’ve discovered plenty of ways NOT to do something! That’s actually how I focus a large part of my life.

In StrengthsFinder 2.0 one of my strengths is Historian. I look at the past to learn what to do or not do in the future.

This has also helped me in guiding others to success in life and business. While many people focus on solving surface level problems, we blow past it to discover the WHY behind what’s happening.

Whether good or bad, discovering the root cause is huge in amplifying what’s good, and stopping what’s bad.

A large part of the transformation that help others obtain, is getting rid of force-of-habit mindsets, and broken belief systems. In this episode I’m going to help you discover:

  • The “If, then” theory and how you’re most likely trying to gain self-worth and value from the future.
  • The broken belief system that what you’re currently doing is filling the void that you’re feeling.
  • How you actually already have permission to do what makes YOU healthy and pursue the things that will transform your life!
  • MOST importantly, what your TRUE value is in this life!

After you listen to this episode, I would absolutely love to hear what you think. Please come back and answer this –

Question: Which mindset is holding you back? 

Keeping in line with something that Keely said on her fantastic message there
was that she felt like I gave her permission. And so, today, what I’m talking about
is that, is having permission, is the feeling that you don’t have permission and
where that’s coming from and why that’s happening. And I’m heading on this
because this is something that we hear a lot here. In our events, in our next level
leadership events, in our next level life events, we hear that a lot, lot people
come through and they get this information. They learn, they discover, they go
through this process and what they come at with is, “Oh, my gosh. I feel like I
have permission to do fill in the blank.”
It is so powerful for them that not only do they now feel like they have that
permission, but that they experienced it in a way that showed them why they
didn’t have it in the first place what they have been experiencing their whole life.
One of our clients that was in here just the other day, both Mike and Cathy were
in here, and I got to tell you, we absolutely love these guys. We love their family.
They have come to our events. They’re in our next level mastermind group as
well, and they are just incredible people. We had that great opportunity to meet
their family; they came through on their way to a vacation, spent time with us
here at the office. We’re so glad … shout out to Tina, my girl, who is very young
listening to this show and that excites me whenever I’ve got somebody who’s
young who’s listening to this information and putting it in place.

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