258 | The 5-Step Framework To Setting Successful Business Goals


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Your 5-step framework to setting business goals.

This isn’t about setting personal goals, this is definitely NOT about New Year’s Resolutions. This is about business and leadership goals. There’s probably a much easier way than what you’re doing…Today I want to give you a framework to set your business goals.

Here’s what you’ll discover:

  • Separating the goal setting “crap” from the goal setting gold
  • How to implement the 5-step framework for business and leadership goal setting
  • The main thing that causes leaders to fail in goal setting
The 5-step framework:
  1. Set and cast your Vision (Vision is a destination that should excite you!)
  2. Set Annual Goals that move you toward achieving your Vision
  3. Set Quarterly Initiatives that move you toward accomplishing your goals
  4. Determine weekly activities you control to achieve your Quarterly Initiatives
  5. Schedule your weekly activities

If all you do is create a Key Results Area, then all you’ve done is created a piece of paper. That’s not the power of KRAs.


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