238 | The 6 Subtle Self-Destructive Behaviors We Miss Everyday

What holds us back from being healthy, thriving people?
It’s easy to see blatant self-destructive behaviors, but difficult to see our own subtle ones….

These behaviors can create distance in relationships, isolate us from others, make us unhealthy physically, stop us from being truly authentic, hold us back at work, keep us stressed out, and have us continuously overcommitted.

The 6 subtle, self-destructive behaviors we miss everyday:

It’s not just having the “head knowledge,” because understanding why you do what you do is critical to being able to stop. In Next-Level Life we walk through all of this with you.

If you want to figure out why you do what you do, so you can move past it and be you, be your strongest self, your authentic self, go to chrislocurto.com/nextlevellife.

Helping you understand AND overcome your self-destructive behavior with Next-Level Life

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