262 | The 7 Steps To Fix Common Leadership Communication Blunders

On this episode of the Chris LoCurto Show, we’re talking leadership… and not just leadership, but 7 steps to fix common leadership communication blunders. You folks here me talk about this a lot, and that’s because it’s so insanely important!

Do you accept communication the way it is on your team, or do you lead the communication your team needs?

A lack of high levels of quality communication is the #1 issue I see that holds back businesses and teams from greater unity and growth.

Here’s why.

We all bring to the table our habits, training, and personality styles.

As a leader, and a team member, it’s critical to commit yourself to mastering communication, and then lead it through modeling, teaching, and accountability.

Here are 7 ways to have higher levels of quality communication on your team:

If you want to have high levels of quality communication, be a great communicator, and lead your team well, commit to these 7 ideas and take action today.

And if you don’t have the DISC profile for your team, get that now. It is one of the absolute best tools to get to excellent communication. You can go to chrislocurto.com/store and buy your DISCS, and we even have a Leadership product in there teaching on the DISCs to bring your whole team together, and get results.


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