The Business-Growth Event Leaders Keep Returning To

Do you find that you are often task saturated with little to no time to actually lead your team and business?

Do you wonder if the culture within your organization is really healthy?

Chris LoCurto speaking
Chris LoCurto

Do you have a tough time having the hard conversations with team members or do you find yourself avoiding those conversations out of fear of how they will go?

Do you struggle knowing and achieving a healthy version of yourself (mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually) on a daily basis?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then you don’t want to miss our Next-Level Leadership LIVE Event on April 27-29, 2022!

Go to today to talk to a team member to get signed up. 


Look, I absolutely get it.

You started your business or took on a leadership role because you wanted the RESULTS of having a business and leading. It’s the dream, right?

But before you knew it, the amount of work on your plate, running around like a crazy person putting out fires, people drama on your team, and the stress and overwhelm of it all some days has you asking why you ever decided to start this business or why you ever jumped into leading people.

Does any of this sound familiar?

So, now what? Do you keep struggling through it on your own with quick fixes or Band-Aid solutions or trying to learn from books and podcasts?

Aaron West speaking at leadership event
Aaron West, Director of Business and Leadership Coaching

Let me show you how to regain the excitement of running your business and leading your team, overcome people drama, and become a leader that ignites your team to produce more and take ownership of their responsibilities.

At this event, you’re going to learn Core Leadership lessons from our program that we’ve used with all of our high-end mastermind clients to help them transform their lives, leadership, and businesses.

After attending this event, you will:


The Leadership Crazy Cycle is that place where task saturation locks you away in your office too much, stresses you out, and holds you back from spending time with team members and leading well so people work at their best. Learn how to Kill The Leadership Crazy Cycle!


Learn the secrets I’ve used for years to create a deliberate business culture where people feel safe and bought into the mission, are able to communicate honestly, serve clients like family, and get a heck of a lot of work done (faster and more efficiently)!


Heather LoCurto speaking at leadership event
Heather LoCurto, VP of Operations

Learn how to have quality conversations (even in tough situations) that empower and ignite team members, rather than demoralize them and tank their productivity.


Learn how to fight against the fear that leads to bad decisions or prevents you from taking any action at all, stalling you, your team, your business growth, and customer loyalty and happiness.


Change your mindset on yourself and create a new outlook on life – one that is not held back and hindered by lies we tell ourselves, but truly embraces the truth of who we are. Walk away with a deeper understanding of how our Root Systems impact our personal and professional lives in ways we’ve never seen before.

But what about team members or guests who may not be business owners or leaders? Well, we are offering a second track on Day 1 of Core Life lessons that will have an immediate impact on them:

Joel Fortner speaking at leadership event
Joel Fortner, VP of Leadership Development, Sales and Marketing


You’ll learn how to make better decisions, and overcome limiting beliefs and trained behavior you face every day so you can become the best person you can for yourself, your family, and your team.


Although “leader” may not be our role or title, each of us leads people in some way or another. But, what about ourselves? In this lesson, you will learn how to lead yourself to greater success in life and work.

So are you ready to break through your own leadership ceiling and reach your and your team’s potential? 

If so, then our Next-Level Leadership LIVE Event is perfect for you.

During the event, our team is going to unpack more than 25 years of leadership and business experience growing and running multi-million dollar businesses from scratch.

These are the same strategies and processes I’ve taught to THOUSANDS of entrepreneurs and leaders over the years and to my high-end mastermind clients today.

Chris LoCurto, Aaron West and Joel Fortner on stage at Next-Level Leadership LIVE EventThis event will give you the tools to make an impact in your business and team immediately. There are no magic pills. Instead, you will learn exactly what steps you will need to accomplish to make a difference and know how to execute on those.

In addition to the content we share, there will be multiple workshop times where you will put pen to paper and discuss with other leaders around your table as you work through challenges and growth.

Here’s the deal: We want to share the wisdom God has blessed us with with as many people as possible because this stuff really works!

If you want to take your leadership to the next level, then I invite you to join me at our upcoming Next-Level Leadership LIVE Event on April 27-29, 2022 in Franklin, TN.

Here’s the link if you’re ready to reserve your space:

Act Fast And Save Money!


Reserve your General Admission seat, which will get you all the content and workshop time OR for less than $200 more you can reserve a VIP seat that takes your experience to the next level by including two great lunches (Wednesday and Thursday), access to VIP-only Q&A time with our coaches, a Taste of Mastermind experience, Wednesday Gala event hosted at our offices, and a very special evening activity on Thursday.

Don’t miss this opportunity! Simply visit to get your seat reserved today!

And by the way, here’s what other entrepreneurs and leaders said about this event.

“I always walk away with meaningful knowledge I can apply right away”

– Brent Van Haren, COO, SecurAlarm Systems

“The content and experience of the event is fantastic, the friendships – genuine, and the staff is fantastic. If you leave without a sense of energy, renewal, and challenge – you did it wrong.”

– Quinn Denning, President, Rapidtek

“I always leave with huge ideas. Unlike other live events, I leave with actionable ideas that positively impact our culture and bottom line.”

– Bo McDonald, Owner, Your Marketing Co.

“You walk away feeling educated, empowered, and motivated to make your goals happen.”

– Shauna Watson, Watson Engineering

“This event is the missing piece of the puzzle leaders need. Hearing this type of content from somebody like Chris greatly benefits leaders. [At the event] It doesn’t matter if you are an engineer, a veterinarian, or if you own a janitorial company, the challenges are the same. It was great to talk to other leaders that said, “these are the challenges that I faced, and this is how I resolved them.”

– Ankur Patel

Go to to get your seat reserved today!

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