208 | The Game-Changing Power of Good To Great

208 | The Game-Changing Power of Good To Great

On this episode of The Chris LoCurto Show, we’re talking to Sarah and Brent Carpenter about the game-changing experiences they both had during their Next-Level Life events. If you’ve been feeling stuck, or you want to know what true freedom is like… you’ll wanna hear this!

We were in a “life is good, but life isn’t great” place.

“Like everyone walking around, we have stuff we’ve been through. We’ve had counselors over the years, and learned and healed from it… but not completely…

“Before, we were in a ‘life is good, but life isn’t great place.’ We navigated through a lot of wounds but we were in a season of our life and marriage that I knew there was more. There was more freedom God desired for us, and things we didn’t want to pass on to our children.

 Listen to Brent and Sarah’s full story here:

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I need context and “the why” before I can understand something–getting that was game-changing.

Next-Level Life was the thing between us being 75% healed, and getting to a full understanding, clarity, and a rock-solid foundation for our family.”

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Q: What are some things you discovered prior to your Event that were holding you back?

Sarah: I was a very big people pleaser, I would apologize for any little thing in my life. Very quickly you helped me to realize that it wasn’t my responsibility to make others happy, and that I wasn’t the problem. Next-Level Life has given me so much freedom to be more. I’m much more confident in our marriage… in sharing my opinion without worry it will offend or inconvenience him.

I can stand up and speak for myself in a confident way now, and it has brought a lot of health to our marriage and my family…

Now I’m free to be me.

Now I’m finally able to embrace who God has created me to be, and really love who he’s created. And I think, “Wow, I’m glad I get to be me today.”

Before my event, I didn’t really know me, or love me, because I was trying to be somebody else for someone else.

Brent: There are many things I struggle with… and Next-Level Life highlighted the bottom of the pool, and why those things occurred… why I would self-sabotage.

I need context and “the why” before I can understand something–getting that was game-changing.

Next-Level Life is a start to a journey, and a reset… truth being unleashed in your life.

I can now move forward with some really awesome intentionality.

You don’t just come to Next-Level Life and take a magic pill, and everything’s fixed.

You now have the tools to walk forward and fix it.


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