31 | The Lies We Believe

On this episode The Chris LoCurto Show, we’re discussing the lies we’re told, the lies we tell ourselves, and the lies we ALL believe hold us back!

When you’re told specific lies from people you love, like parents or family, those words hold you back from becoming something greater, from believing in yourself, from becoming an entrepreneur, or from _________ [fill in the blank].

Why do people we love tell us lies?

It’s usually pretty simple. Most of the time they’ve been beaten down, and no longer believe in themselves because of lies THEY’VE been told.

It’s not that they want to destroy you in the process of their concern, worry, or “better” judgement… it’s just a force of habit.

Who knowingly shares that kind of stuff?

Sadly, the kind of person who’s already self-sabotaged and destroyed themselves.

What happens to the person who is told these lies?

They begin to believe the lies, and make up their own. Unfortunately, this perpetuates the cycle of self-sabotage.

Is it possible that some people are just selfish?

Of course! But any great parent, friend, sibling, or teacher understands that “you can’t do…” or “you won’t become…” is a great way to destroy someone.

Stop believing the lies!

Here’s what I want you to do:

  • Make a list of all the lies you’ve been told, and you believed.
  • After you’ve got the list, put initials beside the lies. Did you tell yourself? Did someone tell you? You’ll start to see a pattern develop.
  • Start a new list. This is a list of truths. Write ALL of the truths in your life out: God loves you, you are important, you are good enough, you are going to be something! You HAVE to battle the lies with the truths.
  • Start putting up boundaries between yourself and the people who are telling you those lies. Do NOT go and attack them… do NOT go crazy. They don’t understand it, and that’s okay… if you want to have the discussion with them, share this episode with them.

Start focusing on you, stop telling yourself lies, and put boundaries in place…

If you’ve got junk in your past that you need to work through, do it! Don’t procrastinate. Pick up a copy of Boundaries, or contact me about getting in here for Next-Level Life.

Question: What are the lies you’ve been told and the lies you’ve believed? What are the truths?



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25 thoughts on “31 | The Lies We Believe”

  1. Someone once told me, “You’ll never make that kind of money as a writer. Don’t quit your day job.”

    I also heard, “You’re a flash in the pan” after two consecutive top ten finishes in my company.

    Quoting Jesus, “Get behind me Satan.”

    1. Michelle Sealey

      I’m glad you didn’t give up on doing what makes you happy in life. When others see your light shining they will want to be a part of it and are willing to make a contribution. There will be an ocean of income and the day job will no longer be a factor.

  2. “You need more experience/knowldge” (I already have 10yrs in HR, 5yrs front line customer service, a BS, MBA, and Org. Development certification)
    “Video Games & Leadership/life lessons will never work”
    (it’s worked for me, I’m excited to share with others who “get it” almost right away, and I have already been featured on LifeHacker.com)
    Those are just a start – many more like them, with equal counterpoints.
    Outstanding lesson Chris.

    1. Michelle Sealey

      That is what is so great about Life Plan. Chris cares enough to teach us and give us the tools to get past the crap and have a better tomorrow!

  3. Michelle Sealey

    This was one session in Life Plan that was difficult but yet freeing once completed. I had a board full of lies and a few of the lies were not easy to put on paper. The truths board was just as full as the lies. But I had allowed the lies to take over my life. I was living my life to prove everyone wrong and also allowing them to make decisions for me. But I read Boundaries and set boundaries so that I could take control back. I even had to let someone close to me go because they were not healthy for me going forward. I don’t regret it and I am looking forward to my tomorrow. Take the time needed to work on you. The Life Plan was life changing and freeing. Chris is someone you can trust. You owe it to yourself! That’s not a lie it’s the truth!

      1. Michelle Sealey

        So free that I told someone if it came down to money I would pay. I’m so excited I want everyone else to feel what I feel. I know you don’t do the life plans for the money but I would have paid 5xs what was paid. I have what I need to live a happy and fulfilled life because of you and God. Well this my favorite topic and I could go on for hours. But I’m almost at work.

  4. Chris, a great mouthful coming from the heart! “I cannot afford”. “You are lazy”. “You will always struggle”. How do you spell C-R-A-P? Time to flush it….all!
    Thanks for the great content

  5. I just completed LifePlan as of yesterday. When I did this exercise, I almost asked for a second flipchart sheet for the Lies. Then I got to the Truths and I couldn’t stop writing!!! I almost needed a second sheet as well! One of the biggest lies that I have believed “You have to be good to deserve love” WHAT?! I told Chris that along with the book Boundaries, it has been extremely helpful to read the book The Mom Factor by Henry Cloud and John Townsend. That will help you to understand where many of the lies come from.

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