The Podcast Is Back!

Everyday I receive messages from the #CLoTribe asking when we will relaunch the podcast. Well, today is the day! To celebrate, this weeks topic is on celebrating progress.

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The podcast will take on a couple different formats from week-to-week. The first is a three to five minute version called Coffee with Chris and it’s brought to you by Dillanos Coffee Roasters.

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This format will always be a quick leadership, business or life lesson. On top of the lesson, Dillanos is offering a 15% discount on their amazing coffee to listeners! Go to and enter CLOTRIBE in all caps to receive the discount on any coffee you purchase!

Be sure to subscribe to the podcast so you’ll receive it every week. You won’t want to miss next weeks episode. I’ll be answering the #1 question that everyone keeps asking… If you can think of that, you know how great the episode will be.

Please leave a comment on what you think of the podcast, as well as what you want to hear and who you want to hear from in future podcasts!

Question: What do you think of the podcast, and what and who do you want to hear from in the future?

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60 thoughts on “The Podcast Is Back!”

  1. It’s great to hear the podcast again! Will you be offering it in Pocket Casts? I would love to hear a your advice on office politics.

  2. The homeostasis in my podcast routine has been restored! And Dillanos Coffee was one of my favorite episodes on the old podcast…I completely cyber-stalked them after listening! I would tag on to the team recognition concept, too: Nonchalantly have your team members fill out a quick recognition form upon hire asking them what would delight them that costs $1, $10, $50 and the skies the limit, as well as ask what their hobbies and interests are (theater, sports, spa, music, outdoors, RACING, etc…) Then you can surprise them with personalized, meaningful recognition later. If you just want to say congrats for something small, a few bakery cookies could make their day, or hockey tickets could blow their mind for a big win. Team recognition plus individualized props is a one-two punch of motivation that will keep your team in the high-performing bracket for sure!

  3. Subscribed. Great to hear you back! I’ll need to order some Dillanos coffee to drink with each episode – psyched to find some coffee that will equal the greatness of my AeroPress coffee maker!

  4. Chris, I am so stoked to see this happening again! You consistently put out quality, encouraging, and life-giving material for leaders. So, thanks! I can’t wait to listen.

    1. An interesting comment, I must say of that.
      Reminded me of The Cat In The Hat.
      Your words were great,
      and always first rate.
      We can always expect kindness from Matt.

      (You can tell that I have small children AND I needs me some Dillano’s right about now!)

  5. Great podcast–long enough to hear great information, yet short enough to keep the attention of even those with ADHD!

    Fitting to hear your return podcast on the treadmill this morning, as I am now 1 pound away from meeting my goal of 154 lbs by my birthday! I am down from 175 lbs, and my birthday is 3 days away! While I am still laser-focused on losing the remaining weight, I DID stop and turn around to celebrate the progress I have made thus far.

    Love to add more, but I just saw something shiny! Gotta g…

      1. If I can do it, you can! I’ve been “dabbling” with diet and exercise for the past three months, but have only gotten serious about it a few weeks back. The information here helps in ALL areas of life. Reading “Take The Stairs” by Rory Vaden was my “I’ve HAD it!” moment. (Another great CLo interview, btw!)

    1. So proud of you, Scott!!

      And YAY that the podcast is returning, Chris! I’m counting down the days until I get to see you at Roadtrip!

  6. Any chance this will go on Stitcher? I will follow you via your website so I will listen regardless, but I would love to see your podcast pop up in my podcast inbox when I log into Stitcher everyday. Awesome stuff Chris!

  7. I thought I had posted a comment at 7 AM when I listened to the podcast. It was a really good one and apparently it just stayed in my head. Anyway… YEAH!! for this episode! If you’re going for sleep-deprived, you found the perfect sponsor :0) They should come up with something catchy like “Insomnia is better-tasting with Dillanos” Thanks for great content and keep rockin’!!!!

  8. Great to hear you on the podcast again! Celebration is so over looked and under used. Keep up the good work. Now I need a coffee refil.

  9. So Glad you are back Chris. Great message today – (well, i listened today) about celebrating progress. So important. I am a weight watcher, and that is one of their most powerful tools. You celebrate every little step, even if it is a step that did not include forward motion. It so helps you get your eyes back on the path. Some paths are long, and if you don’t celebrate as you go, you will never be able to stick to it.

    Can’t wait to hear what you have next week.

    Ben Nelson

  10. Love that you’re back in audio form! Can wait to hear more! One question I have is what about us non coffee drinkers like myself? Will you also be doing some tea episodes?

  11. Thanks for the great podcast. As an EntreLeadership podcast fan, I appreciate you doing your audio lessons again. I will make sure to share this with my communities.

    In regards to celebrating success on a regular basis, I appreciated this message. We are running Scrum on our teams now. Our iterations follow a regular pattern: 1 day of planning, 8 days of making cool software, Closing with 1 hour for demo, and 1/2 hour for team reflection. (What worked well? What could be improved? What should we stop doing?)

    I appreciate the reminder to celebrate the team during our demo sessions and team reflection meetings when they do great work.

    Wish you the best sir!

    FYI: I discovered the podcast through e-mail.

  12. I finally listened. I know, it’s only six minutes, why did it take so long?!

    So good! I love the short format, and look forward to the other format as well. I also love that the coffee shop on the college campus I work at sells Delano’s Entreprenuer blend, so I can drink along with you!

  13. Hooray for the podcast! I have really missed it over the last several months. Thank you for the reminder to celebrate progress. When the mountain is so high it’s hard to remember to celebrate that you are 10 feet closer to the top.
    Thanks again for all you do, and for passing along what you know so that we can be better at what we do!
    Have a great day everyone!

  14. Loved it Chris! And the lesson on celebrating progress…a very timely reminder for us. In 14 years of owning our company, I hv not thought to celebrate progress. My husband and I are just starting to take hold of the reality of our business growing and needing to pan some stuff out and we are seeing some progress even today! I will create a way to celebrate next week. Thx CLo!

  15. Anyone have an RSS/XML feed for “all” podcasts? The one posted in previous comments shows just this particular one. Need something to use on Android with Doggcatcher Podcast app.

    Doggcatcher checks the feed multiple times a day for the latest podcasts automatically. So I’m always up to date.

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