Top 10 Posts and Commenters of August

Here are my Top 10 August 2011 posts according to your clicks and forwards. Each of the top 10 commenters will receive a free copy of Fearless by Max Lucado. Special thanks to Michael Hyatt and all of those who helped to spread the word! 

  1. How To Earn More Sales Without More Leads
  2. How Not To Bomb At Speaking
  3. Steps To Handling Micromanagers
  4. Oh, so now you’re nice
  5. Stop answering all of your emails?
  6. First Ever EntreLeadership Podcast!
  7. That Changed The Way I Brag About You!
  8. Four Must Take Steps To A Sale!
  9. How To Declutter Your Mind
  10. If They Can Do It, What’s Holding You Back?

Here are my top 10 commenters of August 2011. Thank you for your input!

  1.  Louise Thaxton
  2.  Joel Fortner
  3.  Eric Speir
  4.  Chris Johnston
  5.  Jana Botkin
  6.  ginasmom
  7.  Misty Gilbert
  8.  ibn abee omar
  9.  Colette Marx
  10.  Tom Brichacek

If you are enjoying the posts, please let others know.

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15 thoughts on “Top 10 Posts and Commenters of August”

  1. I like this gig:), i get to read great stuff, and a book on top of that!!!!! Thank you very much Chris, your posts have helped me to think more and critically about leadership, by acting as the catalyst that brings up some long forgoten experiences. I’m really enjoying the journey.

  2. All I can say is I come to this blog for a 7 course meal in mind nourishment. Everyday there is something that is food for thought. Thank you for the book but more than that, thank you for the stimulating information you bring forward.

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