Top 10 Posts And Commenters Of June

Here are my Top 10 June 2012 posts, according to your clicks and forwards. Each of the commenters below will receive a free copy of, Love Works, by Joel Manby.

Of the top posts, four are guest posts. My Subscribe page also made the top 10. Special thanks to Michael Hyatt for his continued support, and all of those who help spread the word!

  1. Yes You Can Pay Cash For A House!
  2. Go Be Sick Somewhere Else
  3. Why You Need A Mentor
  4. Can You Run A Business Debt Free?
  5. Maybe I Can Save You 37 Million Dollars As Well
  6. 4 Ways To Inspire Your Team Members Today
  7. A Simple But Powerful Way To Get More Referrals
  8. Sales Lessons From A Caribbean Beach
  9. Are You A Leader Or A Boss?
  10. The Seven Best Business Tips I Ever Received

Here are my top 10 commenters. As always, your wisdom and enthusiasm helps so many!!

  1.  Skropp
  2.  Aaron Nelson
  3.  Lily_Kreitinger
  4.  cabinart
  5.  skottydog
  6.  Louise Thaxton
  7.  selfemployedbob
  8.  JoshuaWRivers
  9.  Joel Fortner
  10.  Laura Johnson
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45 thoughts on “Top 10 Posts And Commenters Of June”

        1. @ChrisLoCurto @lilykreitinger Seriously Chris, we’re already committed to reading your blog, the flattery and truth stretching can be discontinued at anytime 😉

  1. Aww, I thought the “I’m Sorry, I’m on Vacation” post would at least rack up the most comments in June, after all the tribe here did to hijack the post into a comment-fest.

        1. @lilykreitinger @ChrisLoCurto How could he be??? We hijacked the blog, he hijacked a beach, a chair, sunscreen (cuz burning the top of your head SUCKS! Experience talkin’), and a fruity drink with an umbrella in it… Would YOU be upset? Haha

  2. Thanks Chris!  Being part of the “#CLoBlog Reading Program” has been amazing.  I love the power of social media, shrinking the globe so we can all sit around the table, sip some coffee (hot chocolate for Skropp) and share.  Such incredible people here who want to dream big and act upon those dreams.   Thanks for letting me be a part of it.

        1. @cabinart @lilykreitinger It was weird to me too…but my wife made me try it and it is delicious!! I only have them like a couple times a year, but good good stuff

    1.  @lilykreitinger I’ll take a hot chocolate. Actually, even better would be a Dr. Pepper 🙂

      1.  @JoshuaWRivers I drink soda very very rarely. A few years ago, I was painting a mural on a very hot day, and a friend brought me a Dr. Pepper. It was the real deal, not diet. Thought I died and went to heaven. Had to just sit alone with it for awhile. I’ve never forgotten how fabulous that was! (not much of a life here in Central California)

        1. @ChrisLoCurto @JoshuaWRivers @cabinart @lilykreitinger You are correct, we’re pretty cool…or a bit crazy…actually that ones probably just me…seems I cause the weird conversations!

        2.  @Skropp  @ChrisLoCurto  @JoshuaWRivers  @cabinart  @lilykreitinger Exactly, I had a serious comment and it evolved into malt shop recipes… Good grief!

        3. @lilykreitinger @ChrisLoCurto @JoshuaWRivers @cabinart You can blame me 😉 but as a point of clarification, I’ve only seen blended hot chocolates at coffee stands, I’ve never checked a malt shop…mainly because I think the only malt shop still open in the country is probably in Mayberry 😉 haha

  3. True story: I was catching up on reading the blog while heating milk to make yogurt (might be a California thing) and I BURNT the milk! 
    Thank you Chris for your generosity in letting us guest post, providing the place to learn from you and one another, and to have fun while doing it! And thank you so much for the book – can’t wait!
    Did the post “Go Be Sick Somewhere Else” raise money for the hospital in Uganda?

    1.  @JoelFortner  Isn’t it awesome?!! I love getting that little brown package in the mail.  Christmas in July!! My daughter even talks about it, “Is that another book from Chris, Mom?”  I think he has a 4 year old fan.

  4. I need to get busy – I want to be on this list next time! I get so much out of the conversations – it’s amazing! Thanks to all of you for your generosity of knowledge.

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